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NEX Batons

The Nex Baton is a brand-new design of push button closing batons These batons are constructed of steel alloys and high strength aluminum for maximum performance in a lighter weight baton. Nex Batons deploy smoothly with the flick of the wrist. Closing the baton is easy, press the button on the end cap and manually close the baton with your hands. The smooth action in deploying and retracting these batons is unmatched. There is no need to frequently oil or lubricate this baton to achieve smooth operation. This baton can be expanded and retracted 3000 times before it needs additional lubricant.

There are several accessories available for the Nex Baton. The Nex Baton holster is constructed of durable polymer. This baton holder has a unique feature that grabs the baton tip and holds it in the holder while you deploy the baton. This way you have an expanded baton every time you unholster it.  The Nex grip ring increases retention in the case somebody tries to remove the baton from your hands. An available glass breaker makes it easier to shatter auto glass for extraction in emergencies.

Nex batons are the latest evolution of push button closing batons. They deploy smoothly and have very little shaft wobble when extended. The simplicity of this highly engineered baton means there are fewer parts, resulting in greater reliability. Nex batons are warrantied against manufacturer defects.