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NEX 39" Quic Air Riot Baton

  • $169.00

NEX 39" Quic Air Riot Baton:

The NEX 39” riot baton is the longest expandable baton on the market. Constructed of aerospace grade aluminum and steel alloy this baton is strong and lightweight. Weighing in at 25.5oz and 39” long this baton can be used to create larger defensive zone. Also good for officers on horseback giving the officer enough length to form a defense. This extra long baton expands from 12.6 inches to 39 with a strong-arm swing. Closing the baton is easy, you just depress the button on the end of the handle with one hand and push the expanded shafts back into the handle.
  • Material: Alloy Steel & Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
  • Expanded Length: 39″
  • Retracted Length: 12.63″
  • Weight: 25.57 oz
  • Impact Resistance: 2 m

Customer Reviews

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Henry Mendoza

Definitely worth the money. Was able to deploy it the same way as my standard baton.