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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Police Baton Warehouse FAQ

Can you ship internationally?
No. We can only ship within the USA. Additionally, we will cancel any order shipping to a freight forwarder.

What is an ASP Talon Baton?
The ASP Talon Baton is a collapsible baton that closes when you push a button and apply force to the tip of the baton with your hand.

How do I disassemble my Talon Baton?
DO NOT disassemble your Talon Baton. Do not unscrew the end cap of your baton, this can cause it to become stuck and it will have to be sent back to the factory.

What maintenance is required for Talon Batons?
Regular lubrication of the shafts at the collapse points is required.

What is a Friction Loc baton?
Friction loc batons are the classic expandable batons. They lock open using friction and they close by hitting the tip against the ground in a straight motion.

What is the difference between the ASP Sentry Baton and their Friction Loc Batons?
The Sentry baton is a friction locking baton. It is the value priced version of ASP’s product line. The Friction Loc batons can be ordered in multiple variations of grip types, finishes and metals. The sentry baton is available with one finish and one grip type.

How do I retract my Smith & Wesson Baton?
Smith & Wesson batons use friction locking technology. To retract your baton simply hit the tip against the ground in a straight up and down motion. It is critical to do this in a 100% straight downward motion or you can make the baton harder to close. It is not brute force, but practice and finesse that closes these batons.

What are Chicago Batons?
Chicago batons are an economical line of quality batons. Chicago Batons produce friction lock & riot batons at economical prices.

What is an AutoLock Baton?
Monadnock AutoLock batons unlock to retract with the push of a button. To close these depress the button on the end cap and push the expanded shafts back into the handle.