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NEX 14" Walker 2 Section Baton

  • $45.00

NEX 14" Walker 2 Section Baton:

NEX N14 Wal is a 2-sections expandable baton, with the slimmest body from the NEX Walker series. On the outside, it has a pen-like stylish look. Inside, it’s made of aerospace aluminum alloy and enhanced alloy steel, making it both portable & powerful. You can clip it to your belt, backpack, or even pocket. N14 Wal is your go-anywhere baton!

Expanded Length: 14"
Retracted Length: 8.6"
Weight: 5.3oz

Customer Reviews

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Michael Gonzalez
Pretty good

4-6 oz heavier would be better. Maybe a weighted tail end to counter balance. Unlock button could be more recessed so butt end could be used to push hit. The lock up has some wiggle that could be adjusted, or make manual adjustment possible. Clip could be larger and stronger and attach by hex screws. More of a fighting stick than a baton.

Juke Treks
Light and convenient

I misplaced another friction lock device and was shopping and found this. Love the unlocking method. It fits in my front pocket yet sticks out enough to not be concealed. Hefty enough to to protect myself and others. Lightweight and durable.