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ASP Talon Baton & Holder

  • $179.99

ASP Talon Baton & Holder:

Baton Warehouse Exclusive: Our ASP Protection Kit includes the market leading ASP Talon Baton, Envoy Scabbard & Glide Baton Lubricant. The ASP Talon Baton is extended by swinging the baton or pulling out the tip by hand, just like a standard police baton. To retract the Talon Baton, depress the button on the end of the handle with one hand and push the tip inward with the other. There is no need to strike your ASP Talon Baton on the ground to close it. 

Our Protection Kit includes the ASP Envoy Baton scabbard. This baton scabbard is made specifically for the Talon Baton and has a belt clip that can be adjusted to your belts width. This Talon Baton holder rotates 180 degrees and locks at 7 different positions for easy carry.  

 Also included in the Protection Kit is a bottle of ASP Glide - Talon Baton Lubricant & Cleaner. It is recommended to regularly lubricate the expanding shafts of your baton to ensure rapid deployment when needed. 

ASP Protection Kit Includes:

  • ASP Talon Baton (push button closure) - 3 Sizes Available
  • ASP Envoy Scabbard - Appropriate Size for Talon Baton
  • ASP Glide Talon Baton Lubricant

ASP Talon Baton Care Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I bought the T40 Talon, 16” along with the Envoy Scabbard. Very well built and easy to use. It’s small enough to put in my back pocket and didn’t bother to use the scabbard. I hope not to use it but it’s for a peace of mind. There’s a lot of Asian hate going around here so I need it for protection. For my future purchase, I’ll buy either a 21” or a 28”. Keep up the great work guys.

Easier to carry

This one works better - easier to carry than the larger one I have so it winds up on my belt more often.

Solid tool

Little hard to close for a tool that's advertised as one that does not have to be slammed on the ground to close. Very solid, little play. Holster is sturdy, holds onto the belt well and will last.


My first baton. I did the research on everything out there. The ASP Talon seemed like the one to have. I never mind paying-up for quality. This Talon looks, smells and feels like nothing but quality! Solid weapon! And ...Baton Warehouse was easy, fast and no hassles! Highly recommend!

Great product, great price, fast shipping

If you're buying an ASP baton, you either already had one before, or you did your research, the baton is top notch, you get what you pay for. ASP has infinite warranty on it if the infinity logo is laser-etched on your baton (by the way, I asked for the complimentary engraving and my name matches the factory laser markings, different font, but same quality)