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ASP Talon Baton Maintenance

ASP Talon Baton Care Sheet

ASP Talon Baton Nomenclature

It is important that you follow these basic maintenance instructions when owning an  ASP Talon Baton. There are more internal components in the push button closure mechanism so it is important to keep your baton lubricated. We recommend using ASP Glide Baton Lubricant & Cleaner. Simply put a drop or two of lubricant on the joints between the end tube and middle tube as well as the middle tube and the handle then extend & retract the baton a few times. This will keep your Talon Baton in good working order. You never want to remove the end cap of your Talon Baton. If you remove the end cap and the baton is extended, you will never be able to close the baton. It will have to be sent to the factory for repair.

Maintain the Talon Baton by keeping the a-ring guides well lubricated.

Expand the Talon and hold the tip upward.

Place a generous amount of lubricant into the joints between the end tube and the middle tube as well as the middle tube and handle tube.

Never slam the tip of your ASP Talon Baton on the ground to close, this will damage the Talon's internal locking mechanism. 




If you have any questions regarding batons or baton maintenance please call us 888-346-9732.

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