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ASP Talon Baton - T40

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ASP Talon Baton - T40:

The Talon baton is ASP’s latest and most advanced baton on the market. Ever since their conception, expandable batons have been known as an ASP. ASP has been manufacturing top of the line batons since the early 1990’s and they continue to innovate and improve.

These ASP Batons utilize a patented disc lock to ensure sturdy lockout. These batons also utilize a push button for closure. No more finding a hard surface and beating your baton on the ground to close. Simply depress the button on the end cap and push the telescoping shafts back into the handle.  

The Talon batons metal components are constructed of precision machined & heat treated high carbon steel tubing for maximum strength. They are also available in aluminum versions. The baton handle is composed of a foamed vinyl grip protected by a metal front collar.

The push button release of the Talon baton is machined into the end cap. There are two end caps available for the Talon baton. The push button end cap features a recessed button that is compressed to collapse the baton. The cap baton handle makes the whole end of the baton into a button that unlocks the baton for closure.

Manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship, this baton stands out from other handheld impact weapons. The Talon Baton expands utilizing a Disc Loc system and internal grooving that ensures smooth expansion. The ASP Talon Baton is easily opened with a flick of the wrist, and is closed by compressing the button or cap and pushing it together. This product is ready for use straight out of the packaging. We recommend purchasing the ASP envoy scabbard to ensure easy access and protection.

Technical Specifications:

Retracted Length:

T40         7.06"     17.93 cm

Expanded Length:

T40         15.75"   40 cm

Weight (Steel):

T40         16.3 ounces  .462 kg

Weight (Airweight):

T40         8.8 ounces   .25 kg


2.7 cm
Locking System  Disc Loc

ASP Talon Baton Care Sheet

ASP Talon Baton Diagram 

ASP Talon Baton Cutaway

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Built great very sturdy does everything I wanted to do

Glad I went with the ASPT40 16" Talon Disc Lock Baton

The owner answered the phone when I called to narrow my choices on a new baton & he patiently answered all of my questions. Before the call I was considering the Monadnock AutoLock X3 16" baton. He suggested that I also take a look at the ASPT40 since it is well built and has a simpler mechanical design. I was also considering going with another friction loc expandable baton at a much lower price.

I then spent quite a few hours doing additional online research and little by little kept coming back to the ASPT40 for a variety of reasons.

I wanted a 16" baton so that it would fit in my back or front pocket. The extra weight of the steel version is not an issue for me since I don't have to carry it all day long every day, yet it will certainly be a benefit if I ever have to use it in defense. Flipping it down or up sure makes a noise that should get attention if I need to use it. I can also easily pull it fully open if needed in a crowded place. I'm elderly & this is for personal defense.

My previous high quality baton was a friction lock. I really appreciate how easy it is to close the ASP after pressing the button.

All in all, I appreciated the patience of the owner answering my questions and that I finally was able to justify spending the extra money to get the ASPT40 16" Talon Disc Lock Baton.

As expected

I expected a solid, heavy, concise, and smooth operating item. Just like any ASP, you gotta break it in and it is rather tight upon receipt. Takes a pretty good whip to get it open. I actually prefer pulling it open by hand to make sure it is positively locked open. The grip feels good. Grippy and grabby. However, the grip has a small gap where it fits in its recess on the business end of the device. Not a game changer unless it decides to come loose and the grip to start sliding around. I feel it will work well in the confines of a car, but it also may be a bit heavy for that. It certainly feels as if plenty of kinetic energy can come from the tool if required. The size is nice for basically a "portable pipe". At around 16" in length it can help to keep around a foot between you and an aggressive person. I do prefer my professional Euro baton in functionality which slides open effortlessly via gravity rather than having to pull or snap it open. This one is a little heavy to put in a pocket or such. You are certainly expected to carry it in a holster which I purchased along with it. I also have to review that item, but am not as impressed with that as the tool that goes into it. Over-all, I'm rather satisfied with this baton. Longevity comes with time and I have only had it for a couple of weeks. But I feel it is a go-to tool and will carry it in appropriate situations. It feels like it will do the job if required.

ASP steel baton 21"

Excellent product, service, and shipping. I strongly recommend this product and your company. Thank you.

Worth the money.

Best baton I've owned in 17 years of L.E. very strong and durable.