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ASP Talon Baton - T40

  • $169.60

ASP Talon Baton - T40:

The Talon baton is ASP’s latest and most advanced baton on the market. Ever since their conception, expandable batons have been known as an ASP. ASP has been manufacturing top of the line batons since the early 1990’s and they continue to innovate and improve.

These ASP Batons utilize a patented disc lock to ensure sturdy lockout. These batons also utilize a push button for closure. No more finding a hard surface and beating your baton on the ground to close. Simply depress the button on the end cap and push the telescoping shafts back into the handle.  

The Talon batons metal components are constructed of precision machined & heat treated high carbon steel tubing for maximum strength. They are also available in aluminum versions. The baton handle is composed of a foamed vinyl grip protected by a metal front collar.

The push button release of the Talon baton is machined into the end cap. There are two end caps available for the Talon baton. The push button end cap features a recessed button that is compressed to collapse the baton. The cap baton handle makes the whole end of the baton into a button that unlocks the baton for closure.

Manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship, this baton stands out from other handheld impact weapons. The Talon Baton expands utilizing a Disc Loc system and internal grooving that ensures smooth expansion. The ASP Talon Baton is easily opened with a flick of the wrist, and is closed by compressing the button or cap and pushing it together. This product is ready for use straight out of the packaging. We recommend purchasing the ASP envoy scabbard to ensure easy access and protection.

Retracted Length:
T40         7.06"     17.93 cm
Expanded Length:
T40         15.75"   40 cm
Weight (Steel):
T40         16.3 ounces  .462 kg
Weight (Airweight):
T40         8.8 ounces   .25 kg

ASP Talon Baton Care Sheet

Talon Baton Diagram

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Raymond Reddington
Great baton - You need this one

I ordered the ASP with vector grip and I absolutely love it. Great craftsmanship and the baton easily lives up every expectation of mine in being a viable tactical security weapon and deterrent.

David Huynh
Fast shipping and baton arrived safely.

The baton arrived fast and safely to my door. The Talon 60 Baton retracts and expands smoothly, I like it. Fair pricing.

Thank you Baton Warehouse.

Christopher Germaine

I am certain that everyone has experienced ASP products, either in hand or by word, and rarely has there been a negative though. With this item, it follows in true ASP Fashion. A strong product, moderately priced, and very dependable. Arrived in condition, just as described in different reviews, before I ordered. The distributor also deserves a high-rated review. More than fair price, ease of ordering, and fast delivery. Wonderful experience, from beginning to end.

Dan M
Exactly what I expected

I received my order on time, and in full. The baton itself is the best in the industry, and that is apparent in it's craftsmanship. The scabbard fits perfectly, tight enough so the baton won't jump out when exerting yourself. The engraving looks clean and was done correctly.

I hope I never have to really use it, but I'm glad I have it.

Zack LaVergne

I’m a plain clothes security provider at a church and this baton is fantastic! The 16” length is just right for tucking into my waist band and the push button release is great!