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ASP T40 16" Talon Disc Loc Baton

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ASP T40 16" Talon Disc Loc Baton:

The Talon baton is ASP’s latest and most advanced baton on the market. Ever since their conception, expandable batons have been known as an ASP. ASP has been manufacturing top of the line batons since the early 1990’s and they continue to innovate and improve.

The ASP Talon baton utilizes a patented disc lock to ensure sturdy lockout. These batons also utilize a push button for closure. No more finding a hard surface and beating your baton on the ground to close. Simply depress the button on the end cap and push the telescoping shafts back into the handle.  

The Talon batons metal components are constructed of precision machined & heat treated high carbon steel tubing for maximum strength. They are also available in aluminum versions. The baton handle is composed of a foamed vinyl grip protected by a metal front collar.

The push button release of the Talon baton is machined into the end cap. There are two end caps available for the Talon baton. The push button end cap features a recessed button that is compressed to collapse the baton. The cap baton handle makes the whole end of the baton into a button that unlocks the baton for closure.

Manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship, this baton stands out from other handheld impact weapons. The Talon Baton expands utilizing a Disc Loc system and internal grooving that ensures smooth expansion. The ASP Talon Baton is easily opened with a flick of the wrist, and is closed by compressing the button or cap and pushing it together. This product is ready for use straight out of the packaging. We recommend purchasing the ASP envoy scabbard to ensure easy access and protection.

Technical Specifications:

Retracted Length:

T40         7.06"     17.93 cm

Expanded Length:

T40         15.75"   40 cm

Weight (Steel):

T40         16.3 ounces  .462 kg

Weight (Airweight):

T40         8.8 ounces   .25 kg


2.7 cm
Locking System  Disc Loc

ASP Talon Baton Diagram 

ASP Talon Baton Cutaway

Customer Reviews

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Well Designed, Well Engineered Tool

I purchased the ASP T40 primarily as an emergency glass breaker and to ward off animals (foxes, wild dogs) I may encounter when I walk my dog at night.

The T40 works as described in the literature and on internet videos. Either flick it open with a sharp movement of the lower arm, or pull out on the tip until it locks in place. A reasonably fit man or woman should be able to open it without difficulty after minimal practice. Retracting is a breeze. Press and hold the button, and push the tip against your hip, leg, or heel of the hand. Design is elegant; construction is high quality.

I purchased the all-steel black-coated version. It’s small and light enough when retracted, long and strong enough when extended, but that’s all personal taste.

I also purchased a glass-breaker tip. Be aware: the original tip is secured with Loctite, which isn’t mentioned in the basic literature. Watch the video that explains how to remove and replace the tip. It will save you time and wasted effort (experience speaking here).

In the hands of a professional, the T40 would be effective in most situations short of a riot or major crowd control situation. For civilians there are some important considerations:

- Depending on where you live, state law may classify the T40 as a deadly weapon and prohibit it.
- Don’t expect the T40 to save you against a person with a gun, or even against multiple unarmed assailants. That said, it can certainly help you fight above your weight class or, as in my case, below your age.
- Watch some video before you try to movie-hero your way through a car windshield.
- I’m not a lawyer, but I’m confident that liability issues are more problematic for civilians than for trained law enforcement officers.

Bottom line: I haven’t had to use it, but I’m glad I have it.

Light Weight & Compact Protection

Purchased this baton for my wife who takes the dog for walks at night or early morning. The Asp T40's compact and light weight design is a great equalizer and perfect size for those who are in need such protection. I'll be ordering a couple more for my daughters to keep in their cars who often don't get off of work until late at night.

If you're looking less-lethal protection as well as a tool to break a car window (for extraction purposes), then look no further than the Asp T40.