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Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Baton Black includes Hand Sheath

  • $30.99

Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Baton Black includes Hand Sheath:

Smith & Wesson carbon steel 12" compact black baton. This compact baton is ideal for self defense and is sold with a matching nylon sheath. Designed to be accessible and effective this Smith & Wesson baton features a metal clip for carrying in addition to the included sheath. Weight is 8.9oz.

Not compatible with any add on glass breakers or other accessories.

Customer Reviews

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David Beasley
Stealthy surprise

Compact enough to keep clipped in a pocket. Just hefty enough to catch an offenders attention in a closed fist or extended. Goldilocks would be pleased!

Nikki C
Great purchase.

I work at a bar and my husband bought this for me for protection. It’s easy to use, small enough to have on my belt, in my pocket, or in my apron. It’s also big/small enough to use as a fist pack. 😊 10/10 would buy again

Alexandra Silva
Helps give me peace of mind!

I must say, I am so glad I purchased this nifty little guy. My dad got me a taser and my boyfriend got me a pocket knife (more like a switch blade) to help me feel safer when I walk my dog at night (or just in general) because I live in downtown Portland and it’s no secret that this place has been going down the drain. While those 2 things are great, the reality is that in a real-life scenario it’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to successfully ward off an assailant being properly untrained with those. So here we are and I chose this lil guy because he’s discreet enough, the sleeve (while a bit flimsy) does the job of keeping it secure in my hand (if I were to flail about, etc.) and after a few tries breaking it in, is very easy to retract. I got one for myself and a couple besties who also live downtown and live alone. Luckily I haven’t had to use it on anyone yet although I did retract it to warn a shiesty looking fella hollering at me and it scared him off.. I of course recommend noobs like myself to do research (police training YouTube videos and reviews of the product) to know where to start to familiarize yourself, and practice safely extending it, and what to potentially expect with it in general. My boyfriend has one of those punching bag torso guy things that I practiced swinging on. My arm got so sore and tired after the first couple days of breaking it in (at first it was really difficult for mine to open) but I’m very comfortable with it now and I can retract it swiftly with ease and very close to my person! A bonus: They can engrave them!

Baton 12

I like it but dealing with the retracting is more difficult than anticipated on this baton. The other one I have seems to work better.

Jon Smith

I would like it more if the magnet that keeps it colapsed wasn't soo magnetic? I actually have to keep the back loosened so it will slide out. Not sure if there is a secret here. (NOT A BATON PROFESSIONAL)