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Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Baton Black includes Hand Sheath

  • $30.99

Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Baton Black includes Hand Sheath:

Smith & Wesson carbon steel 12" compact black baton. This compact baton is ideal for self defense and is sold with a matching nylon sheath. Designed to be accessible and effective this Smith & Wesson baton features a metal clip for carrying in addition to the included sheath. Weight is 8.9oz.

Not compatible with any add on glass breakers or other accessories.

Customer Reviews

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none of the above
Comfortable to carry all day.

I am on my feet all day and this fits comfortably in my pocket. When I need to go through the dark parking lot after work I am quite happy to have a weapon that I know will do the job if the occasion ever arises. This is a fine tool for someone the size and shape of a lawn gnome that might present a tempting target. I am also 70 years old and would be quite happy to send an updated review if I ever need to smack someone with this thing.

Robert Day
Perfect size for running.

A perfect size to clip into a waist band for running. Deploys easily and does not collapse when used. I would not hesitate to buy again.

Jose Perez
Small but packs a punch

I have purchased a total of for 3 were gifts for family members. They are small, dependable. They are good and can say they deploy really well. I carry mine on a daily basis. Yes, kind of hard to put away but you know it will not retract easy.

Kevin Davis
Opens great, hard to close.

This baton is a great pocket carry option. Opening with a simple flick of the wrist you're ready to go. Compact and pocket size with a clip to keep it at the ready. However, closing the baton requires some considerable effort.

David Beasley
Stealthy surprise

Compact enough to keep clipped in a pocket. Just hefty enough to catch an offenders attention in a closed fist or extended. Goldilocks would be pleased!