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Smith & Wesson 21" Aluminum Baton & Holder

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Smith & Wesson 21" Aluminum Baton & Holder:

The Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. lightweight baton is as effective as it is light. Lightweight construction makes deployment faster without sacrificing strength. High strength steel and aluminum construction ensures this baton is sturdy in the most demanding situations. The rounded steel baton tip is designed to apply pressure, but not break the skin of any attacker. Batons are an effective defense tool. The 21” Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. baton is just 8” in the collapsed position and weighs only 9oz. This baton utilizes the friction lock mechanism, to close the baton simply hit the tip on a hard surface in a straight downward motion.  This baton has a foam grip and includes a nylon Smith & Wesson baton holder. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Engraved Smith & Wesson Aluminum Baton
Engraved Smith & Wesson Baton


Customer Reviews

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Hai Chung

Lightweight that fit my measure.
Good quality, Fast shipping.

Clay North
21” Baton

Shipping was fast and product is amazing - a little tough to collapse the first couple of times but now it’s perfect ! Am going to purchase my second one soon - am going to go a little longer than 21” !

21 inch S&W baton

Great, solid built and light weight! It’s not too heavy on the wrist, and the size is just about right.

S&W Aluminum Lightweight Baton

This S&W aluminum baton is much nicer to carry in civvies because of its light weight factor. It is just as functional as my heavy A-brand baton, makes a great sound when deployed and is easier on the wrist when rolling into a backhand strike. The baton that I received is 5-star, in form, fit, function and finish. It also closes as it should - using a sharp, perpendicular rap on a hard surface (I have been using a piece of carpet on a cement floor to keep the end pretty). The feel of the grip is essentially identical to my A-baton. I have yet to have a talking target describe the difference in the energy transfer between the steel version vs. the aluminum version, and I for one am not going to be that guinea pig. From what I have seen, this aluminum baton will disrupt the target well enough with a 1-2 strike to counter most, if not all, targets of opportunity. In the collapsed form, it can strike like the heavier baton, and in fact, it is somewhat more maneuverable because it is lighter. This baton will be easy to keep close.

Ron Frazier

A fine crafted tool for self defense. It arrived soon after ordering it and I am very pleased with quality and balance; I hope I never need it, but feel confident it will be of great service.