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Smith & Wesson Quick Release Baton & Holder

  • $126.66

Smith & Wesson Quick Release Baton & Holder:

The quick release baton is the latest addition to Smith & Wesson's impressive line of police batons. These batons open the same way any extendable baton does, by swinging the baton with force or pulling the tip out by hand. What makes these batons unique and exceptional is how they close. To close all you have to do is press the button located on the tail cap and close the extended shafts in by hand. There is no need to slam these on the ground to close. The opening and closing action is smooth and consistent. These batons come with a 360 degree swiveling nylon holder designed to fit on a duty belt.

Smith & Wesson batons are some of the best tools available for police work & self defense.  

  • 4140 Steel Construction
  • Rubber Grip for Retention
  • Push Button Collapsing 
  • Nylon Holder Included 

This baton is not compatible with any add on accessories or glass breakers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Smith and Wesson quick release baton & holder

Very happy. It arrived quickly and perfectly. Overall quality exceeded my expectations. I bought this for after dark walks with my dog. I'm very confident this would be effective if needed from an animal attack or another dog. I highly recommend this product.

The Real Deal

Quality baton. Well made and highly functional. Being on the recieving end of this baton would result in a bad day. So be a good citizen!

Great for EDC

Love this Baton already. The quick release button is outstanding. Beats closing your baton on concrete any day. Very solid.

Excellent product

It is a very well made, sturdy, super easy to close. I hope I never have to use it, but if so someone is in for a world of hurt.

Very nice

Nice and well build, definitely exceeded my expectations, don't hesitate to buy if on the fence......