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Smith & Wesson 16" Baton & Holder

  • $40.88

Smith & Wesson 16" Baton & Holder:

Smith & Wesson batons are well balanced, strong and versatile. This Smith & Wesson 16" expandable baton with rubber grip & nylon holder offers strength and protection at an affordable cost. Manufactured in Smith & Wesson owned Taylor Brands factory out of 4130 high strength steel tubing. These Smith & Wesson batons can handle the pressures of daily use. The Smith & Wesson collapsible 16" baton weighs 13.2oz and is just 6.8 inches long in the closed position. Smith & Wesson batons are a favorite among law enforcement professionals. The economical price and superb craftsmanship of these Smith & Wesson batons is unmatched. Paired with a Smith & Wesson nylon sheath, this baton is ready for your duty belt straight from the package. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Baton Weight- 13.2 oz
Baton Open- 16.0 in
Baton Closed- 6.875 in 


Customer Reviews

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Just the right size

I already own the 21” baton for the home and hikes. This 16” baton fits nicely in my purse and for the car. It’s easy to deploy and retract. Highly recommend it for non lethal protection for women, so long as they learn to use it properly.

Good stuff

Quality made. Keep one in my 4RUNNER and Jeep. Carry it when I hike and take my dog for a walk. Have other means of defense but this is a nice addition.

Confidence and Safety on your hip

The Smith & Wesson 16” Baton is an ideal safety tool for Law Enforcement professionals and for private citizens. Easily carried, easily deployed and after very little practice easily collapsed. This product this safety tool gets high marks in my book!

Exactly what I wanted

I was looking for a collapsible baton to carry when I walk on country roads for exercise. This is exactly what I wanted. The size, weight, craftsmanship and price are perfect.

It was VERY hard to close at first. But cycling it open and closed a dozen times in a row quickly resolved that issue.

Very happy with this purchase.

Nice size

Great size and weight for carrying on walks! Shorter than the 21”, but still effective.