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Smith & Wesson 16" Baton & Holder

  • $40.88

Smith & Wesson 16" Baton & Holder:

Smith & Wesson batons are well balanced, strong and versatile. This Smith & Wesson 16" expandable baton with rubber grip & nylon holder offers strength and protection at an affordable cost. Manufactured in Smith & Wesson owned Taylor Brands factory out of 4130 high strength steel tubing. These Smith & Wesson batons can handle the pressures of daily use. The Smith & Wesson collapsible 16" baton weighs 13.2oz and is just 6.8 inches long in the closed position. Smith & Wesson batons are a favorite among law enforcement professionals. The economical price and superb craftsmanship of these Smith & Wesson batons is unmatched. Paired with a Smith & Wesson nylon sheath, this baton is ready for your duty belt straight from the package. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Baton Weight- 13.2 oz
Baton Open- 16.0 in
Baton Closed- 6.875 in 


Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
jerome zielinski
Great Smith&Wesson quality

Nice item—great service and fast shipping—Thanks.

Dwight Allen
16" baton

Well designed, not overly bulky to wear and easy to pull from the holster, just hope I never have to use it.

Dale Panasewicz
16” baton review

I needed something to take with me when I walk my dog. Coyotes are frequently spotted in my neighborhood in broad daylight walking up and down the street at all times of the day and night. The 16” baton fits into my cargo pants pocket without a holder. I hope I never have to use it but at least I have something to defend me and my dog in case we run into some aggressive coyotes. I did practice deploying the baton and it opens quickly and easily by flicking it with the forearm and wrist. It is difficult to close but better that than it collapsing when you don’t want it to. It feels heavy enough not to break and let the attacker know you have a tool to fend him off if he gets hit with it. I would not want to suffer a blow from this baton!

William Bartholomew
Effective and handy for 'close work' protection.

I like this 'tool' for use inside of a car in the event of intruders while parked or stopped at intersections. I have experienced two major such problems in the past which were very dangerous. The 16" length is helpful and easier to use. Also, it can be easily folded into a pants' pocket for personal carry when needed. Thank you Smith-Wesson and Baton Warehouse.

Michael N
Well Made

This is a well made baton. Solid, feels good in my hand. Closes easier after a try of two.