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NEX Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton

  • $134.00

NEX Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton:

The Nex Baton is a brand-new design of push button closing batons. These batons are constructed of steel alloys and high strength aluminum for maximum performance in a lighter weight baton. Nex Batons deploy smoothly with the flick of the wrist. Closing the baton is easy, press the button on the end cap and manually close the baton with your hands. The smooth action in deploying, and retracting these batons is unmatched. There is no need to frequently oil or lubricate this baton to achieve smooth operation. This baton can be expanded and retracted 3000 times before it needs additional lubricant.

The Nex Baton has a textured rubber grip. The rubber grip is designed for maximum retention whether it is wet or dry. With the addition of optional accessories such as a glass breaking tip and a retention ring this baton is highly functional. Nex batons open easily and with authority every time and close very smoothly every time with the push of a button.

The NEX vane fan lock design subtly integrates every locking structure into one component, improving strength and reliability. Ingenious simplicity: they disassemble to only 4 components so there are fewer parts that could break. All NEX batons feature solid locking performance, smooth extension and retraction, and convenient assembly and maintenance. NEX batons are manufactured with precision CNC machines to ensure quality and consistency, making every NEX baton equally outstanding.

NEX batons will fit in NEX baton holders or the Envoy series baton holders from ASP.

NEX 17" Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton
Expanded Length: 17"
Retracted Length: 7.56"
Weight: 10.23oz

NEX 21" Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton
Expanded Length: 20"
Retracted Length: 8.82"
Weight: 12.35oz

NEX 23" Aluminum Push Button Closing Baton
Expanded Length: 23"
Retracted Length: 9.8"
Weight: 13.4oz



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
highly recommend -nex 17 alum push button

very happy with purchase-- very high quality-- opens smooth and easy--worth the money

NEX 17 Aluminum push Button Baton

Baton Warehouse shipment was prompt, product arrived as described on their site. Baton is solid, light weight, and has a smooth extension and retracting mechanism. Exactly the size & quality piece of safety equipment. I was looking for in a non-lethal close quarters self-defense weapon.

Exceeds expectations

Real nice. Opens with a flick and closes smooth and easy with the button at the end. Glad I chose it.

ted k
ever dependable baton

sturdy, quick to extend, perfect companion inside the car.

Robert Clark
Best baton I've ever had so far...

So I've had several (no more than a handful) of expandable batons in the past 20 years and majority of them were all cheap or low cost heavy steel construction. I'd have to say this is my first lightweight aluminum baton and also the most expensive baton I've ever purchased. I was a little hesitant to spend this kind of money since everyone knows you can purchase these things for like 30 to 40 bucks all day and it will suffice in most instances. Since my body ain't gettin any younger, I've been trying to lighten my load on the duty belt and change up my gear. I decided to break the bank a little and buy a new lightweight baton.
I've always carried a 20 or 21"- no more and no less. This has never been an issue so I've stuck with that length for years. I've been feeling a need for quite some time now to get something just a hair longer though just in case I needed to have that reach advantage (if needed). First thing is, the baton came in a whole lot sooner than expected so that's a plus and when I got it, I was super stoked. This (in comparison) to what I was currently using and any in the past I must add, was considered super lightweight. Also the ease of use to get it to expand is also super easy in comparison.. so two wins there. Lastly, having the push button release to get the baton to retract? .. that was the overall win for me. No more pounding the baton in the concrete to get it to go back in! I installed it on my belt and also bought the holster that can be purchased for it and I'd have to say I'm lovin it. The baton expands automatically on exit saving time when deployed. Now if I had one draw back it would be you'll have to find where to install the holster and baton that best suites you. Using their patented holster system doesn't allow your normal draw and your normal way of carrying it so unfortunately I had to change this up on how I carry the baton. Not a major deal, but I'll have to train my brain again on where to reach again when needing to deploy it. Outside of this, this is hands down a purchase I'll never regret and will be satisfied (in my opinion) for years to come on this particular piece of gear. Its had everything I was looking for that fit my needs... Reach advantage by going from a 20 to 23 (only added about inch and a half or maybe two inches to overall length when retracted), super lightweight (giving me a little relief of weight my belt) and easily retractable. No more fighting with the baton trying to get it back together. Three major wins hits home for me.