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NEX 18" Walker Baton with Flashlight

  • $125.00

NEX 18" Walker Baton with Flashlight:

The Nex Walker series batons are constructed of a lightweight aluminum handle and two enhanced steel extendable sections that lock firm into place when deployed. These are equipped with a removable clip that can connect to the baton handle in 10 different positions. Nex Walker batons are ideal for undercover use or anytime concealment is a must. These batons feature a built in ceramic emergency glass breaker on the tip. Easily closes by depressing the button on the end of the handle and pushing the tip inwards with you hand. Multi-function light has high, low & strobe functions. Rechargeable battery & charging cable included. Closed length 10.5" open length 18"


Light Specs:

  • Output:40 lm / 410 lm / strobe
  • Runtime:9 h / 1 h 30 min / -
  • Battery:1 x USB-direct-charge 14500 battery (750mAh)
  • Beam Distance:35 m / 116 m / -

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Russell Bell
Great EDC.

Work Bar Security. Reason for buying. I feel very confident. That this front pocket undercover tool. Will be exactly what I need in that rare situation. When someone pulls a knife, bass knuckles, chain anything but a gun. One quick and powerful strike to the wrist is all I should need... I believe this tool will do that job...

Bruce Graska
NEX High Quality

This NEX 18 inch collapsible baton is amazing! The flashlight has three features bright, brighter and strobe. Expands and detracts with a touch of a button. I own the 12 inch and just ordered the 16 inch to complete my set!! Excellent company, and customer service from Police Baton Warehouse

Adam James
NEX - 18 inch Walker baton with flashlight

I ordered this with a Monadnock baton thinking that it wouldn't match the quality of a Monadnoc. Well, I was wrong. This matches the great quality of the Monadnoc and some. My concern was with the possible fragility of the flashlight. As it turns out, the flashlight is very stable. The build quality is really unbelievable. The amount of engineering that went into building this is absolutely brilliant!

James Winebrenner
Great EDC Baton

I am a security officer and I have had a few Asp batons that are concealable. I like Asp but have had some issues with them. I decided to try this Nex 18 because it had the flashlight built in and it is concealable. [ Perk bonus, Rechargeable Usb port battery ] I have not had to use it but I feel that it is going to do what it is supposed to do. Non lethal protection. I love the feel and it seems very sturdy. Easy operation. I am very happy with this model and I have just now ordered the Nex 20. I believe that the Nex batons have definately made me think twice about purchasing and carrying the Asp's.

Ryan Burlew
The best!

NEX 18 can easily fit in your pocket with the clip which can be adjusted. Flashlight has a low setting a bright setting & a blinding strobe setting. Well made product I love it.