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NEX 16" Steel Walker Baton

  • $119.00

NEX 16" Steel Walker Baton:

The Nex Walker series batons are constructed using a strong but lightweight aluminum handle with two enhanced steel extendable shafts that lock firmly into place when deployed. These are equipped with a removable clip that can connect to the baton handle in 10 different positions. Nex Walker batons are ideal for undercover use or anytime concealment is a must. These batons feature a built-in ceramic emergency glass breaker on the tip. Easily closes by depressing the button on the end of the handle and pushing the tip inwards with you hand.

NEX 16" Steel Walker Concealable Baton
Retracted Length: 7.5"
Extended Length: 16"
Weight: 13.25 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Have had several batons over the yrs.This one seems to be bad ass .well see over time

Marlo V.

Slick little baton. Deployment is nice and smooth, and internal locking mechanism feel satisfactory. Tiny amount of play in segments. Unlocking button functions very smoothly. Difficult tell if it'll stand up to hard use, but for the price its scoring high marks.

Detective Mike narcotics division

I already had an undercover asp 16 inch however this one is far superior it can be flicked out as well as pulled out but it has a vehicle glass breaker. I already utilized the glass breaker on a perp who wouldn’t open his door we were arresting and the window came out instantly. Good Barton also my old one cut holes in my back pocket because it had teeth on it so I took it off. Now this one is smooth and doesn’t cut my back pocket on my jeans. Absolutely 👍 great. 16 inch is good for me enough to to business on a person and constable as well. Good baton works 👍