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NEX 12" Walker Concealable Baton

  • $79.00

NEX 12" Walker Concealable Baton:

The Nex Walker series batons are constructed using a strong but lightweight aluminum handle with two enhanced steel extendable shafts that lock firmly into place when deployed. These are equipped with a removable clip that can connect to the baton handle in 10 different positions. Nex Walker batons are ideal for undercover use or anytime concealment is a must. These batons feature a built-in ceramic emergency glass breaker on the tip. Easily closes by depressing the button on the end of the handle and pushing the tip inwards with you hand. 

Retracted Length: 6.25"
Extended Length: 12"
Weight: 6.35 oz

Customer Reviews

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Dan Laskey
12" Walker Concealable Baton

Great item to keep in the car or concealed on your person. Easy out and easy close button without having to bang on the ground.

Tony D.
Best 12" baton

It was exactly what I was looking for. 12" with button!
Thank you

Perfect size!

Fits in my shorts pocket while on a run. Perfect size for second carry.
Very good quality.

Flyin Hawaiian
Awesome but could be better

This baton is short and awesome , goes a long way in the right hand , however for me this length would have been optimized with flashlight as the 18 inch , the missing link , please nexbaton add the flashlight , I really like this baton

Bruce G.

I love my NEX baton can not stop practicing with it at home. I have owned different batons in the past that were friction and cheaper and all of them failed after a few months. I can tell that my NEX will not suffer that same fate because of the excellent craftsmanship. The push baton close is SOO much easier to use/close. You do not have slam it into a hard surface, but believe me you could if you wanted to. I tried many ways to see if this baton would fail, and have not succeeded so far. The X Factor is the glass breaker at the end which disintegrated my glass Coca Cola bottles, so definitely could see this as an emergency tool as well as a defensive tool. Also my purchase was initially for a different brand of baton but realized I wanted the NEX a bit more for all the reasons listed above. I spoke to Chris the representative at the warehouse and he moved swiftly in accommodating my request to switch my selection. I am definitely interested in the 16 inch version with the flashlight at the end. That looks awesome. Thanks again we’ll see you next time