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NEX Steel Push Button Closing Batons

  • $149.00

NEX Steel Push Button Closing Batons:

The Nex  Steel Baton is the proven leader in easy-to-close extendable police batons. Nextorch has long been a manufacturer of high-quality flashlights & tools. They recently released a superior baton & locking structure known as the Nexlock Locking System & Nexlock Baton. These batons deploy with ease.  With just the flick of the wrist, this baton will extend and lock into place. The safety locking design will prevent this baton from retracting unless it is done so on purpose.  

The Nex Baton has a textured rubber grip. The rubber grip is designed for maximum retention whether it is wet or dry. With the addition of optional accessories such as a glass breaking tip and a retention ring this baton is highly functional. Nex batons open easily and with authority every time and close very smoothly every time with the push of a button.

The NEX vane fan lock design subtly integrates every locking structure into one component, improving strength and reliability. Ingenious simplicity: they disassemble to only 4 components so there are fewer parts that could break. All NEX batons feature solid locking performance, smooth extension and retraction, and convenient assembly and maintenance. NEX batons are manufactured with precision CNC machines to ensure quality and consistency, making every NEX baton equally outstanding.

NEX batons will fit in NEX baton holders or the Envoy series baton holders from ASP.

NEX 28" Steel Baton
Expanded length: 28"
Retracted length: 11.5"

NEX 26" Steel Baton
Expanded length: 26"
Retracted length: 10.82"

NEX 23" Steel Baton
Expanded length: 23"
Retracted length: 9.8"

NEX 21" Steel Baton
Expanded length: 21"
Retracted length: 8.82"

Customer Reviews

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Customer Who Likes Baton Warehouse
Glad I Bought It, Hope Never to Use It

My second baton purchase from Baton Warehouse (21" steel Nex). As before, decent prices and timely delivery. The action appears to work far smoother and more reliably than my Monadnock Auto Lock. The weight and material feel substantial. This will be my EDC.

23 inch steel baton

Easy to deploy and retract and it’s has a good solid feel don’t buy them Chinese knock offs definitely buy from these guys also items ship petty quick I received mine with in a two days.

Eric C.
Home Defense

I've added the Nex 26' expandable steel baton to my the many forms of home defense to my arsenal. So far it seems like a good baton. Smooth deployment and easy to retract. Would recommend.

Nice baton

Nice baton haven't had any problems with it so far would recommend people in my family to get one

Melissa Giordano

Product is very well-made. I would trust my life with it. The baton was shipped in at my front door very quick couple of days. I will definitely buy one again I love that you can engrave whatever you want on there.