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NEX 39" Quic Air Riot Baton

  • $169.00

NEX 39" Quic Air Riot Baton:

The NEX 39” riot baton is the longest expandable baton on the market. Constructed of aerospace grade aluminum and steel alloy this baton is strong and lightweight. Weighing in at 25.5oz and 39” long this baton can be used to create larger defensive zone. Also good for officers on horseback giving the officer enough length to form a defense. This extra long baton expands from 12.6 inches to 39 with a strong-arm swing. Closing the baton is easy, you just depress the button on the end of the handle with one hand and push the expanded shafts back into the handle.
  • Material: Alloy Steel & Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
  • Expanded Length: 39″
  • Retracted Length: 12.63″
  • Weight: 25.57 oz
  • Impact Resistance: 2 m

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent staff!

A great very stout 38" walking staff when it isn't being used by law enforcement on horseback. Very sturdy and collapsable with a push of a button. Haven't found anything to compare it to.

David Fanning
This is the colasapable baton you want!

Cons: 1, made in China, have to wait to see if any durability or function issues arise. 2, very slippery grip, needs a rubber or foam grip.

Pros: 1, it's 3 feet long which gives an imposing visual for the opponent to reconsider. The added length also gives it considerably more power. 2, the release button works great! 3, even though it has a very slippery grip, it also has flat spots on both sides that help the grip and make a great place to allow the thumb to aid in a proper grip. 4, it can be extended in two ways. The traditional swing out method, must use a stronger than normal swing due to the added length and you can manually pull it out to extend. Both methods can be a useful visual image in an attempt to give the opponent a moment of pause to reconsider. 5, the sight of this baton is often enough deterrent.

Take everything into consideration and even with the two cons, this is the best baton I have ever used!

J. F.
Exactly What I Was After

The functionality and durability are superb.
Years of studying and practicing kendo are suddenly relevant in practice due to the length and conceal ability, and it works perfectly with my profession being in close quarters.
10/10 highly recommend.

Eric Schimel
Everything I hoped it would be.

The delivery was good, the item itself is well made. I’m seriously glad I bought it.

let the ass hole no be for they get to you .

snapped it out . put on my my costume rists strap .
i wear welding gloves for a better grip .
hope i never half to yous the baton . it is good to no it is on my mountain bike and good to go and fast if i need it .