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Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Polycarbonate Baton

Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Polycarbonate Baton

  • $55.71

Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Polycarbonate Baton:

The Monadnock PR24 side-handle baton offers maximum protection. The PR24 baton is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. PR24 batons are exceptional defensive devices. This fixed length rigid polycarbonate baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations. Features a textured grenade style grip for maximum retention. Made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Gary Wozniak
Perfect product

Superior product to the competition. Good pricing. Fast and reliable customer service.

N H TK1244
Can't beat a classic.

Great build quality. Keep in mind, this tool takes training to use correctly, effectively and not cause unintended injury, but once you got it, it's a partner you don't want to leave in the car. Unless you're of a really small frame, the PR24 isn't much bulkier than a Monodnack expandable. Plus, it weighs less and you don't have the extra step of sweeping your arm back to extend it.

Tim Tavcar
Well crafted but...

Well crafted but difficult to hold and the length is unwieldy.

Jason Lenhart
An icon.

The PR-24 is an icon in the baton world.
I was happy to find one at a good price to add to my collection. Service and shipping was very prompt.
Would not hesitate to order from Baton Warehouse in the future.

Justin Smith

Great price and product is exactly as stated. Good balance and grip is nice.