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Monadnock Hardwood Black Straight Baton

Monadnock Hardwood Black Straight Baton

  • $19.48

Monadnock Hardwood Black Straight Baton:

This straight wooden baton is constructed of quality hardwood for strength. The 2800 baton is 36" and features a clear coat finish and ring style grips on both ends of the baton for enhanced grip and baton retention. The 2801 is 26" and has a clear coat finish and smooth grip.

Customer Reviews

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Thaddeus Brown
Very strong baton

Thank you very much baton warehouse is the best for my security needs

Bradley Troche
Strong Swat Baton Nightstick

Best Swat Baton Nightstick hard as a rock to take down any criminal loose on the streets. Strong blows you give at your assailants and keep him on the ground begging mercy

Richarx Waihee

Arrived quickly, what I wanted, good product.

Jonathon Gimenez
It's okay

The baton is solid and feels good in the hand however the black coating is overall kind of poor. Also the baton is supposed to come with a leather strap to tie for a handle, and them seem to have forgot to include that. Overall I'm not mad with the purchase though I think for 30$ they could have done a bit better.
PS I meant to put a picture of the coating issue but this upload button does not seem to work.

Rene Valenciano
Rene Valenciano

Representative who answered the phone doubled check the availability. Outstanding Customer Service! Batons arrived quickly.