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Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Baton With Trumbull Stop Handle

Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Baton With Trumbull Stop Handle

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Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Baton With Trumbull Stop Handle:

The Monadnock PR-24 side-handle baton offers maximum protection. PR-24 batons are the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. While some believe these are obsolete, the PR-24 is still relevant in policing today. This fixed length rigid polycarbonate baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations. The grenade-style grip with Trumbull Stop helps keep the baton in your hand and increases baton retention and subject-control holds. Made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Deal!!!

The night stick is exactly like my old one! Good to have my old friend back! Fast deal! Great price!!! And sweet product!!! Will buy from again!!!!

Michael Drapp
Still a Viable Intermediate Force Solution

My police department transitioned to collapsible batons many years ago. Being "old school", I still prefer the PR-24 for containment and control if ever needed when I am off duty. Monadnock was the brand of choice for most departments and the PR-24 served them well for decades. The civilian who chooses to use the Monadnock PR-24 (after professional training) is in a far better position to defend his or her actions since they employed the baton that the police departments used for years. It is always preferable to use what the police use if you ever have to face a jury. I believe that the intimidation factor is much stronger with the PR-24 than with the collapsible baton and this alone will help keep the use of force to a minimum. Just having a PR-24 in hand will usually create compliance without the need to employ it; which is the desired outcome.


Very sturdy, very easy to carry and to use, just enough weight to it. Highly recommended.
This website is also incredible, I received it within 2 or 3 days of ordering it. Will be doing more business here in the future.

Joe P
Great baton. Great company to purchase from.

This is my third order from Baton Warehouse. Great products, smooth transactions, and fast shipment.

Blake Tomlinson
Only one downside

The only issue I have with this product is the standard handle, tends to move around in my hand a little bit, would’ve enjoyed a foam or rubberized outside of the handle for a more sure grip but other than that I love it and I keep it in my car at all times