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Monadnock PR-24 Rigid Side-Handle Black Aluminum Baton

Monadnock PR-24 Rigid Side-Handle Black Aluminum Baton

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Monadnock PR-24 Rigid Side-Handle Black Aluminum Baton:

The iconic PR-24 baton has long been known as essential police equipment. The PR-24 baton is most successfully used as a defensive weapon. The unique shape makes these good for protecting against both front and rear attacks. The side handle aids in retention, providing a secure handle to grip the baton. The side handle also can be used to apply control holds to a subject. This PR-24 baton has an all aluminum construction, making it both stronger & heavier than the polycarbonate versions. 

Customer Reviews

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Great PR-24 Baton.

As a kid I was an explorer for the sheriffs department and my father was a Captain. I always remember his aluminum PR-24 was always in his car. When I started law enforcement myself I always looked for one but couldn’t find an aluminum one. Only the polycarbonate type. Finally I located one here and ordered it !

I utilized the free engraving option and it looks good although a little crooked. The PR-24 is in brand new condition with no scratches or issues. I am VERY satisfied with my purchase.

Only downside, I had to have it shopped to my fathers house in NV as they would not ship to CA even tho I am properly licensed thru the state for use and possession. Thanks !

Security Specialist and Private Investigator for 9 years

My job changed from expandable batons to PR 24s. I did my research and chose the aluminum model. I tried to order from the local Galls (a royal pain in the butt). They only sell to law enforcement despite 1) knowing me for years and 2) my company having a large Galls account. Screw that. Found it cheaper here with faster shipping as well. Had Galls sold to security (a stupid decision that means further money to Baton Warehouse) a PR 24 in the Midwest is a “special order” and would take over a month to arrive. I saved time and about $50 ordering here. Product was carefully packed. I was impressed honestly. Like I stated above, I will order any more batons required from Baton Warehouse.


Great baton. Well made of. I would recommend this baton to any officer on the job !! Will definitely get another one if I needed it. Thanks.

Excellent process

We got everything we ordered and all items were in excellent condition

Great baton

Great baton, just what I needed.

Company is great, very helpful when you call. Fast shipping.