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Monadnock PR-24 Rigid Side-Handle Black Aluminum Baton

Monadnock PR-24 Rigid Side-Handle Black Aluminum Baton

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Monadnock PR-24 Rigid Side-Handle Black Aluminum Baton:

The iconic PR-24 baton has long been known as essential police equipment. The PR-24 baton is most successfully used as a defensive weapon. The unique shape makes these good for protecting against both front and rear attacks. The side handle aids in retention, providing a secure handle to grip the baton. The side handle also can be used to apply control holds to a subject. This PR-24 baton has an all aluminum construction, making it both stronger & heavier than the polycarbonate versions. 

Customer Reviews

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Zachery Schutz
Good choice

More sturdy than I ever imagined.

Michael V.J.
New and improved

I had looked on E-Bay for a PR-24 and discovered an exact duplicate of what I currently owned (aluminum), being referred to as an "Antique" (late 8o's okay). I also own a Polycarbonate PR-24 from Monadnock. The one I purchased (also aluminum), is heavier, adding much more power to strikes. The handle has been greatly improved and is much more comfortably, offering a better grip, making it less likely to lose control during usage. Great tool!
Also, thank you for the care in packaging. It was nice to see it hadn't been damaged during shipping. The free monogram came out nice. Excellent value!!

Good Quality Product

Solid product. Could've stood to be a bit heavier. Item well packaged and shipped promptly. Great value.

Jose De Castro
Very good product

The baton came with a few scratches, seemed like a refurbished or returned product. Excellent grip on the alluminium part, dont know if the caps on the edges will come out after many times of use. It feels very good, steady and little heavier than the polycarbonate model wich is great.

D Ruther
Love it

I removed the handle and turned it into an old school aluminum straight baton. I also packed the swinging end with 4 oz of lead shot in an epoxy. A little weight puts some pepper on swinging strikes. Of course this can’t be used for duty purposes like this. It’s more of a home defense tool.