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Monadnock Expandable PR-24 Baton

Monadnock Expandable PR-24 Baton

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Monadnock Expandable PR-24 Baton:

This Monadnock expandable PR-24 style baton is constructed of high strength aluminum with a ribbed rubber handle. The PR-24 baton is the most field tested and iconic of all protective devices. PR-24’s are known for their defensive use just as well as offence. If utilized correctly this baton is superb for blocking & protection against various attacks. This innovative baton extends with just the flick of the wrist and retracts by pushing a button to unlock and manually closing the baton.

The Monadnock Control Device Side-Handle Baton Extends to 21 inches. It is made in the the USA

Holder for this baton available here.

Customer Reviews

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love it but

I prefer the plastic 1 i had before. This one is a little heavier. I have to get used to it. Def more durable than the old 1 i had

Chief Daniel Gray
Chief Daniel Gray, Grays Guardian Protective Services

The PR 24 is very good and usable. Thank you Baton warehouse

Monadnock pr-24 baton

This is a really good pr24 expandable baton. I would recommend to anyone as a personal defense weapon. I'm very happy with my purchase of this baton.

Dennis Orr
Best pr 24

I was so happy to pick this up, have a news one of these since I was a rookie, as soon as it arrived on my door I use that night on patrol came in handy,and got out of hand Subjects attention quickly, And a couple of my fellow officers will be purchasing these items as well.

Derrick Duncan
Fantastic experience!

The Monadnock is super light weight but surprisingly solid. This baton is better than I could have hoped for and will be looking at their other items in near future. Going in my EDC bag. Also love TX!