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Milfort Side Handle Baton Holster, Heart

  • $17.28

Milfort Side Handle Baton Holster, Heart:

Innovative design that allows free rotation of the side handle baton holder on the fastening hook, when rotating 180 degrees the holder comes completely out of the hook that is attached to the belt. This holder is made specifically for the "heart" style Milfort batons. 

· Quick extraction.
· Adjustable fastening hook.
· Designed for one-handed operation.
· Material: Injected polymer with high impact resistance.

Customer Reviews

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Frank meza
Nowhere near as good quality as the baton itself, had to modify it.

I'm disappointed in the holster given that the baton its designed for is of exceptional quality. I ended up modifying it by prying the little "retention lever" off and putting a button-strap retention strap instead. The reason for this was that it simply didn't hold it in place very well, and I'd be worried about someone sneaking up and trying to snatch it off me.