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Chicago Aluminum Expandable Side Handle Baton w/ABS Handle 

Chicago Aluminum Expandable Side Handle Baton w/ABS Handle 

  • $24.30

Chicago Aluminum Expandable Side Handle Baton w/ABS Handle :

This 21” Expandable Baton made by Chicago Batons is made from high-grade aluminum. It features an ABS handle and expands by flicking the handle in an outward motion. Locking into place upon extension, it is only retracted by pulling the locking ring in the middle of the baton upwards toward the tip of the baton and, holding the baton vertically with the locking ring engaged, the locking mechanism will release and the shaft will retract into the baton thus closing it. This high impact weapon is a heavier gauge than most traditional friction locking batons and features a texturized rubber grip to prevent slippage in adverse conditions. This model also includes a side handle for increased control and versatility.

Some assembly required. Side Handle needs to be screwed on using the tool and hardware included with purchase.

Part Number: CHAL21T

Length: 21
Weight: 18 oz. (not including side grip)
Material: Aluminum w/ Rubber Grip
Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good baton . . .

I chose this baton mainly because of the price (when compared to the expandable Monadnock baton). I'm years (well, okay . . . decades) removed from the last time I used this form-factor (but without the expandable feature), and wanted something on the cheaper end to start (hopefully) refreshing my skills with it. I'm personally pleased with the outcome, and I would echo Michael C.'s review posted on 19 Feb 2019.

Almost perfect

Got this for dogs when I walk home. Feels nice. Only issue is it doesn’t fully collapse because of the screw that attaches the side handle. Feels nice.

Hope never have to use it.

Looks and feel great. I hope I don't ever have to use it on a bad guy. But if I do it will get his attion.

Value added tool

The locking ring is a very nice touch. My service issued straight expandable baton get scratched up when closing it. The center of balance helps keep it inside a ring-type holster unlike my expandable PR-24 that needs a frame-type holster. Makes similar distinctive sound when swinging open. Easy to assemble side handle. Came with an Allen wrench. Personally I like the protection this design brings and practice often.