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Chicago 26" Hardened Steel Baton - Black

Chicago 26" Hardened Steel Baton - Black

  • $29.99

Chicago 26" Hardened Steel Baton - Black:

This Chicago Tactical Baton comes with a black finish on the two extending steel shafts for a sleeker, more subtle look. Measuring up to 26” at full extension (our largest size for this model), this quality baton is best used for security and personal protection. Our friction locking Chicago Batons can be easily deployed with a firm outward swing and retracts by swiftly striking the tip straight down on the ground from a vertical position. The handle features a rubber diamond textured grip that helps maintain control under extreme conditions. Also includes a Nylon Baton Case fitted for your baton.

Customer Reviews

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Jeanne Lyon
Work ok, a little hard to retract

I purchased this product as a protection should I run into any wildlife when walking my dog in our rural environment. We have Javelina, coyotes and mountain lions in the area. Although it would be best to avoid any and all of these animals, having a little bit of help if necessary by carrying the baton could be useful.
The unit deploys well and immediately, however it is sometimes difficult to retract against a hard surface, following the instructions.

A good bargain.

For the cost of this item, you can’t go wrong. It’s a solid piece of construction. I own several batons of various lengths and different manufacturers. I don’t intend on carrying this on my person on a daily basis, but it’ll do well for the home or car. My EDC is a 16” with a clip. Different manufacturer, but purchased from this site. What I like about this model is the grip, and deploying is fast and easy. Retracting baton is much easier than others I’ve owned. Overall, I’m happy with this product and would recommend it.

Lloyd Dobbins

It will definetly do the job it was made for but it's engenering was a little sloppy. It has bends in it when exstended

Exceeded my expectations!!

I was worried the steel might be weak or hallow or crappy.. you just never know online. But this thing is heavy, and solid and sturdy!!! It locks in place and stays that way until popped on the ground. I wouldn’t want to be struck by the baton! I showed it to a state trooper friend AND a sheriff friend and they were both incredibly impressed! Especially for the price! I told them I even got one of the lower priced options as well. They both with the quality of the one I got the higher end ones are probably police edition/police grade batons. That’s incredible! A wonderful option when carrying a firearm isn’t always convenient!! I feel much more safe out with my daughters! Thank you guys for making this amazing product available to the public!! And available at such great quality!! And at such quick shipping!! I am just overall super impressed!! Will be a return purchaser! Highly recommend!!!

Michael Lake
Great Value!

Quality and service was excellent. Great for what I need. I use it to fend off the coyotes and bobcats while walking my dog early in the morning.
ML, New Mexico