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Chicago 24" Straight Baton With Side Handle

Chicago 24" Straight Baton With Side Handle

  • $17.70

Chicago 24" Straight Baton With Side Handle:

This 24" side handle riot baton is constructed of carbon fiber reinforced nylon polymer making it both lightweight and superbly durable. This Chicago Baton features a textured grip and side handle for increased functionality, control, and retention.

Customer Reviews

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chris purcell

Just perfect for the car and affordable!!!

Cliff calkins
Just what I expected

Nice PR24 for the price.

George jasper
Not for hard use

Broke the grenade grip end off in two weeks of light training.

Romel Espinosa
Chicago PR-24 Style Baton

I must admit this is an outstanding baton and yes in my 30 years of experience in the protection business this baton meets high quality walking the beat,corrections or security types of jobs. This baton really surpassed my expectations according to the comments made by others. I was even trying to cancel my order and am most certainly glad they missed the email to cancel. The Chicago baton with side handle is not as heavy as a Monadnock PR-24, however this Baton will not break or bend if you need to strike in green areas, this surpasses an oak type of straight baton. I would recommend to any agency specifically because it is light and durable with a rubber grip at the end of the straight handle and has deep meaty groves at the side handle that allows for a superb swing without losing grip of the baton, either way you hold it. Superior Baton for the Low Price of 17 dollars. You wont be disappointed. I totally disagree that this would be a display Baton. This most certainly is not a toy and are 100 percent better with this baton, than any collapsible baton.. Thank You Baton Warehouse, Another Great Baton for a Low Price.

William Campbell
Great Purchase

Excellent quality, Packaged Well and Outstanding shipping speed! Looking forward to purchasing more items!