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Boston Leather Model 5419 4ply Texan Sap

Boston Leather Model 5419 4ply Texan Sap

  • $43.58

Boston Leather Model 5419 4ply Texan Sap:

They say everything is bigger in Texas and this holds true for this, our largest sap in stock. The Boston Leather Model 5419 is a Four-Ply Leather Sap weighing in at a whopping 11" long with 13oz of walloping force. All Boston Leather saps are constructed of durable, heavy gauge leather that encases a molded lead weight. Even with all of this power behind it this sap may still surprise you with the force that can be put out with a snap of the wrist as the spring steel in the handle adds power to the swing like a whip. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Michel May
Nice slapper

Well made, good materials.

Dane Kelly
Just right for san diego.

i have a nice extended family here. i keep things quiet. thank you.

Darryl Collins
Texas slap

Great quality and workmanship. I was hoping for a belt clip since it is so long in length. Beyond that it is great.

Peet G
So far so good

Seems to be well made, so far so good, only time will tell.

Bobby Forge
Old school still works well.

This is a nice item. The leather is of good quality and so is the stitching. It's extremely handy. The weight is nice and heavy. I really like it.