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Boston Leather Model 5419 4ply Texan Sap

Boston Leather Model 5419 4ply Texan Sap

  • $40.28

Boston Leather Model 5419 4ply Texan Sap:

They say everything is bigger in Texas and this holds true for this, our largest sap in stock. The Boston Leather Model 5419 is a Four-Ply Leather Sap weighing in at a whopping 11" long with 13oz of walloping force. All Boston Leather saps are constructed of durable, heavy gauge leather that encases a molded lead weight. Even with all of this power behind it this sap may still surprise you with the force that can be put out with a snap of the wrist as the spring steel in the handle adds power to the swing like a whip. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff McCarty

By far lowest price around that I could find online, and in stock. No sales tax. Crazy low shipping charge. Had a shipping confirmation within 24-hours. Followed up and ordered the midget model as well. Happy with both purchases. Solid. A+

Darren Myers
Perfect !

I received exactly what I ordered when they said I would. Perfect!
The product was perfect also. I will certainly order again.

paul ostoich

very well made high quality leather .

Kirk Stotts
Tire Thumper

I'm a CDL A truck driver and I had a slightly smaller one that I gave away to another truck driver for helping me in a situation, but I gotta say that it was excellent for checking your tires. It fits nicely in your back pocket, and is all just readily available for self defense.

I can't wait to get the Texan. It'll be much better

George Walker
Great piece. Nice heft.

Although I haven't needed to display or use it, it feels better to have one and not need it. Great heft and balance. The strap is good, however I would prefer a lanyard loop option or have both a strap and lanyard.
I am also purchasing the next smaller model that has a lanyard loop. The fact that it is stamped design free, a flat black leather ensures no pattern would be left on would be assailant. This is highly optimal.