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Boston Leather Model 5418  4ply Denver Sap with Loop

Boston Leather Model 5418 4ply Denver Sap with Loop

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Boston Leather Model 5418 4ply Denver Sap with Loop:

The Boston Leather Model 5418 is a reliable impact weapon coming in at 9" long and weighing 10 1/2 ounces. Even with its apparently handheld size, this sap brings a large self-defense potential as, with a flick of the wrist, this sap can deliver punishing blows due to the spring steel in the handle. This sap features a looped handle to help you keep a grip on your sap no matter the conditions.  This particular model comes with four layers of leather for a heavier, more durable experience. All Boston Leather saps are constructed of durable, heavy gauge leather that encases a molded lead weight. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Leonard Stein
Good Product and Very Quick Delivery

I've owned a Boston Leather sap before. This one is very solid ( similar to last one) but slightly heavier. (4 ply) A good device but one should learn strike techniques , as it can be debilitating (when needed for that) as well as lethal (if the situation required it). Hopefully , I'll never have to use it but it's nice to carry in my jacket. I definitely recommend Baton Warehouse. They processed and shipped my order very quickly.

Jeff Martin
Looks good

Haven’t whooped anyone or anything with it yet but I tested it on myself and it’s solid. Nice to get real leather goods

James Sims
Right size

Just the right size for my wife to slap the sh.. out of someone.

Ricardo Garcia

I like this one with the wrist loop very much. Ordered another and know my money is well spent on the 4 ply. I have ordered each size because I am that satisfied with their product line.

Peter Pompeo
Couldn't be happier!

It came as advertised, quality and craftsmanship is beautiful. Shipping was fast.