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Boston Leather Model 5418  4ply Denver Sap with Loop

Boston Leather Model 5418 4ply Denver Sap with Loop

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Boston Leather Model 5418 4ply Denver Sap with Loop:

The Boston Leather Model 5418 is a reliable impact weapon coming in at 9" long and weighing 10 1/2 ounces. Even with its apparently handheld size, this sap brings a large self-defense potential as, with a flick of the wrist, this sap can deliver punishing blows due to the spring steel in the handle. This sap features a looped handle to help you keep a grip on your sap no matter the conditions.  This particular model comes with four layers of leather for a heavier, more durable experience. All Boston Leather saps are constructed of durable, heavy gauge leather that encases a molded lead weight. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Hill
Boston Leather 4ply Denver Sap

Very well made, thick leather and nicely weighted. What can I say, it was a hit!

Tom Schwalger
Great Baton

Very well made and perfect for personal protection.

Peter McGinty
Boston leather sap

I have owned Boston Leather products and all have been the best quality I have seen during the course of my service. The sap I recently ordered was of the same high quality. I am a Boston Leather customer for life. Keep carrying their products!

Good quality

Heavy duty, perfectly fitted the hand. Very happy with it.

Anthony Frey
Denver 4 ply Sap w/ loop

Another quality American made sap that exceeded my expectations. Very sturdy and well made. The loop handle makes it is to retrieve from a pocket and ready for action. Highly recommended.