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Boston Leather Model 5415 4ply Midget Sap

Boston Leather Model 5415 4ply Midget Sap

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Boston Leather Model 5415 4ply Midget Sap:

The Boston Leather Four-Ply Midget Sap is an impact weapon measuring out to 6 3/4" long and weighing 9.5oz making it our second smallest sap.  Useful in self-defense, these saps can carry some extra punch with a snap of the wrist with the spring steel in the handle. This Boston Leather Sap is constructed of 4 layers of durable, heavy gauge leather that encase a molded lead weight. Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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shane kerwin
Great product

I order a couple of the 6” Boston Midget Sap’s recently after completion of a training venue and can’t say how happy I am with the product, prompt service, and customer service. Can’t recommend the product and your company enough.

Mr. Chris
Perfect fit, really think about size.

I was going to order the junior sap, but realized that I should read ALL reviews. I have small hands and am of small stature. I prefer small revolvers, so why not look at the "midget" sap? Pefert fit! Stays in my hand, plenty of striking area with great weight.
Just the right carry size-even for pajama pockets or sweats. Midget sap is perfect, delivery was within three days. A++!!

Feel a lot safer with this thing

Fits great in most pockets. Got some real heft to it.

Nice handy and concealable

I like the Shorter Spring handle and finger loop it fits in rear Pocket nicely concealed yet easy to draw with the finger loop.
I have had the longer handled ones go missing when getting in and out of vehicles and moving thru tight quarters,
The Long handle and loop gets caught on some thing and the sap is gone the chaos of the moment and then when you need it you are very surprised.
The Shorty one has the same power and stays in the pocket. Great Service from Baton Warehouse

Rich D.
Very handy.

Easily slips into the back pocket, little finger catches the leather loop and it comes right out.