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Boston Leather Model 5412 2ply Denver Sap

Boston Leather Model 5412 2ply Denver Sap

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Boston Leather Model 5412 2ply Denver Sap:

The Boston Leather Model 5412 is the first of our line of Denver Sap Impact Weapons. This model measures in at 9" long and weighs 10 1/2 oz. Despite this compact size, the self-defense potential of this weapon cannot be underestimated. With a flick of the wrist this sap snaps to and delivers an impact like a whipcrack due to the spring steel in the handle. This Boston leather sap is constructed from two layers of durable, heavy gauge leather that encase a molded lead weight. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Buck Steel
Great Sap

This is a well made quality sap. I bought the Jr at the same time and like it just a little better, but this one is good, too!!

Joe Jones
As Expected. Nice Piece

Exactly as I expected. Fits the hand perfectly; perfect weight and size. Appears to be well made and should do the job. Sitting in the center pocket of my wife's purse next to her LCP. Hope she never needs it. Gave the one I bought for myself to a female friend and I'll order another for myself. Price was great for what I received. Cool bit of kit to have even if you never need it.

Denny Kurzawski
Great Quality! Works great.

I can’t tell you how many times this Sap has saved my hand. We sometimes get unruly patrons at our Club or Church..
When alcohol is involved..peaceful people want to fight… A few shots with this Sap across the shoulders or arms…and they don’t want to fight anymore. CAUTION.. avoid hitting someone in the head with this can seriously injure someone…and the
Blood that comes out of a head wound causes some of the older folks to really get upset.

Anthony Burlando
Quality and Design

Like it so much I bought five more. Something others would would not think about buying for themselves.

wesley shockley
Great product. Just as described

Great quality. Highly recommend. If you’re looking for a full size sap this is a great model