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Boston Leather Model 5412 2ply Denver Sap

Boston Leather Model 5412 2ply Denver Sap

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Boston Leather Model 5412 2ply Denver Sap:

The Boston Leather Model 5412 is the first of our line of Denver Sap Impact Weapons. This model measures in at 9" long and weighs 10 1/2 oz. Despite this compact size, the self-defense potential of this weapon cannot be underestimated. With a flick of the wrist this sap snaps to and delivers an impact like a whipcrack due to the spring steel in the handle. This Boston leather sap is constructed from two layers of durable, heavy gauge leather that encase a molded lead weight. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

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Great Product from a Great Seller

This is my first time buying a sap after discovering this somewhat forgotten weapon from some old timers' stories.

Baton Warehouse is one of a few retailers selling these items, and they are fairly priced. They are also on top of things over there in Virginia, my order was processed within a few hours and I received my package within a few days here in Texas.

I was surprised by the saps weight and rigidity. I wasn't expecting something so solid. The weight is hefty and the steel in the handle is stiff yet not without some flex. Boston leather has created a well designed product. Its just icing on the cake when you can support American Workers as well. A few light taps to the side of my head and a firm strike into my palm really puts into perspective how brutally effective the sap truly is. The leather is of good quality and everything is stitched and riveted together well. I am very pleased with the size of the Denver model. Its not too big to be concealed comfortably, and not too small where you don't get enough leverage. I went with the "2 ply" model as I figured the less leather to cushion between the lead and what is to be struck, the better. I was not wrong in my thinking. As another reviewer stated, the sap is most certainly sturdy enough to be used on edge if desired.
Its not a custom leather piece, and Its not expensive. Its beautiful in its simplicity and quality, and it does everything a sap is supposed to do. Overall I am very happy with my experience with Baton Warehouse and very glad to own this sap.
I don't want to have to use it, but somewhere deep down, you kinda want to try it out....


I love and trust theses OLD SCHOOL Items/weapon MUCH BETTER than the more contemporary ones like the asp talon madnaknock antilock batons Nex batons and the like. If I only had a choice of only one of theses weapons I WOULD DEFINITELY CHOOSE TAKE NO GRAB THE SAP over the more modern ones ANY TIME.Thank you and thank for offering this to the General public because with out ANY HASSLE.because theses items with the quality you offer and have and made in the USA TO and also at an EXCELLENT PRICE TO.and thank you again for having such excellent quality items made in the USA to.and also such EXCELLENT QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE.thank you Greg...End...

Excellent Sap

The Boston Leather 2 Ply Denver is an excellent sap. You can use it flat or "tomahawk" with it. A 2 ply sap used as a tomahawk cuts good. A sap is not for gentle reminders. Anyone needing an application usually asks for it...

Denver sap

Good quality , the only change I would make is to make the sap heavier.

Great product!

My product arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the quality of this Denver Sap. Any further needs that arise, I will order again from Baton Warehouse.