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Boston Leather Model 5411 2ply Junior Sap

Boston Leather Model 5411 2ply Junior Sap

  • $35.93

Boston Leather Model 5411 2ply Junior Sap:

The Boston Leather Two-Ply Junior Sap is a variety of impact weapon that measures 8 1/4" long and weighing 9.5 ounces making it larger and heavier than the equivalent ply Midget Sap. This Boston leather sap is constructed of two layers of durable, heavy gauge leather that encase a molded lead weight on the end. With the spring steel shank in the handle, a snap of the wrist is all it takes to apply a stopping force with this self-defense tool. Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Leonard Boehm

Perfect in every way. Nice quality, nice price.

Howie B
Well made.

The quality and design is this is fantastic. It will last a lifetime and more.

Charles Elkins


Dave M
Great product.

The guys at the baton warehouse are helpful, honest and informative for your professional needs. I personally had questions about some of their products and they were helpful with unbiased answers.. I am beyond impressed with the 5411 2 ply. I personally feel the 4 plyโ€™s would be to stiff for optimal performance of what a sap is designed for. Remember, to use one properly takes a bit of skill and it is a close combat weapon. There are probably better choices for some law enforcement professionals out there if coordination or As keeping your distance is the model of operation. I personally have to deal up close with less than model citizens on the job. I hope to one day retire and garden for Christ sake. The 5411 will, hopefully, help me get there with few permanent injuries ๐Ÿ˜‚. Be safeโ€ฆ

Wesley Gower

Definitely will do it's job awesome build quality and fast shipping