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Bonowi 20" Steel Smartlock Baton

  • $169.95

Bonowi 20" Steel Smartlock Baton:

Bonowi Batons are known as being the wold's best expandable baton.These batons have exceptional strength and are among the easiest police batons to retract. Bonowi Batons feature a patented Smartlock push button closure. Bonowi batons retract by pressing a button on the end cap, and pushing the tip downwards back into the handle of the baton. Unlike other push button closing batons, this baton does not wobble in the extended or retracted position.

Bonowi is a worldwide leader in high quality police products. The Bonowi baton is made with high quality materials and unmatched workmanship. The Bonowi baton is sure to impress. They feature a push button closing mechanism. They are closed by depressing the button on the end of the handle and pushing the shafts back together by hand. Expansion is like that of all other expandable batons. These expand by swinging the baton or by pulling the tip out by hand.

Customer Reviews

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Best baton ever!

Opening and closing needs to be broken in a bit (open/close maybe 100 times), then this thing is amazing! You can't understand how much sturdier and more rigid than an ASP or Monadnock the Bonowi is until you handle it yourself. When extended, it feels like a single, solid metal rod. I know I've messed up both an ASP friction-lock and a Monadnock autolock trying to break a 2"x4", and although I didn't manage to break the 2x4 with the Bonowi, the baton certainly didn't suffer any damage. Don't be fooled by the fact that the Bonowi kind of looks like an ASP Talon baton—there's really no comparison. The Bonowi wins hands-down.
Get the little grip-ring that clips on the end of the Bonowi. Since you can actually swing this baton with your full power, you'll be glad for the extra grip.

Jeffrey Church
Best baton

This thing is amazing! Well worth the money, so smooth to deploy!

Great Baton

Awesome tool. Will definitely get someone’s attention. Really a quality piece of equipment. Haven’t used it on anyone yet. As for the size it seems to be about the right length for close quarters

Very Satisfied

What can i say its a Bonowi, their the best of the best in the baton world. This thing is the real deal, very solid I feel like it could hold my weight. The collapse is very smooth and silent no rattling. The steel version definitely suited for open duty carry.As for this site, easy transaction, fast shipping and great tracking ability. The package came in unmarked box so not to tip off what I was getting to any sticky fingers. I made a 2nd order expecting it today. I feel very confident in future purchases from this site.

Simply the best, hands down.

If you're tired of flimsy batons that feel like they won't hold up in a fight, this is the best option. As an unarmed officer in a rough area, I have to rely on a baton as my main self-defense tool and so far this is the only one I truly trust. Superior to ASP and Monadnock, feels solid in the hand, locks up tight and doesn't flex. Get the grip safety ring and the H3 scabbard, both are worth every penny.

Got mine in two days flat, free shipping, engraved and in perfect condition. Highly recommend! 10/10