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ASP Sentry Baton

  • $79.20

ASP Sentry Baton:

Designed for law enforcement professionals the ASP Sentry baton is a more economical version of the friction loc baton. The ASP sentry baton has all the standard features of ASP friction loc batons and accepts all standard ASP baton accessories. The Sentry batons handle called the Strike Force Grip is made of durometer Santoprene and provides gripping power in even the most extreme conditions. Using ASP Friction Loc technology, the ASP Sentry Baton is retracted by striking a hard surface. ASP provides a top-notch baton at a more affordable price with the ASP Sentry Batons.


Retracted Length:

16         6.2"      15.75 cm
21         7.7"      19.56 cm
26         9.5"      24.13 cm

Expanded Length:

16         15.63"   39.70 cm
21         20.0"     50.80 cm
26         25.6"     65.02 cm


16         13.2 ounces  374 grams
21         16.3 ounces  462 grams
26         20.0 ounces  567 grams


25.4 mm
Locking System   Friction Loc

ASP Sentry Baton DiagramASP Sentry Baton Diagram


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 133 reviews
    Michael Kauhane
    ASP baton and Baton warehouse tied for best service and good value.......

    Service from Baton warehouse was outstanding, communications....excellent....product delivery...really fasssst...ASP Baton was as cutting corners..for an item that your life may depend on always buy the BEST...don't scrip.....solid performance, perfect senior citizen item. Mahalo

    Darren Gray
    Solid, extends and retracts smoothly

    Great baton, got it for every day carry in a drop leg bag and it fits great in its retracted state. Very solid, has some heft to it in your hand. Extends very easily with the required motion. Stay is otherwise. Takes a very hard hit on a solid floor to collapse it. Love it so far.

    Nathaniel Brown

    what to be expected from Asp good quality

    Ryan Zillioux
    ASP Sentry Baton

    Very sturdy construction. Very happy with purchase

    Franklin Young
    A Great Buy!

    In today’s world, the baton is an excellent self defense device to supplement a senior citizen fading kung-fu skills. It fits nicely in the back pocket of my Levi 505.