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ASP Protector Concealable Baton

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ASP Protector Concealable Baton:

The ASP Protector Concealable Baton is the unrivaled concealable striking apparatus, with a low-profile design for discreet carry. On the The ASP Protector Concealable Baton, strength is not compromised for concealability. The Striking surface of the baton is forged of 4140 steel, and the Middle shaft and handle are crafted of 7075 T6 aluminum. The sturdy construction of the ASP Protector Concealable Baton ensures its striking force and durability are no less than Its bulkier counterparts.

  • Using ASP Friction Loc technology, the ASP Protector Concealable Baton is retracted by striking a hard surface.
  • The Baton features a Snap Loc Clip which can be positioned anywhere on the handle for better concealment or presentation. You can carry the ASP Protector Concealable Baton on your belt, waistband, or in your pocket.
  • Nexus Clips are accepted on the The ASP Protector Concealable Baton.

The ASP Protector Concealable Baton comes in three variations, the P12, P16, and P21.

The P12 has a retracted length of 5.06 inches. The Expanded Length of the P12 is 11.75 inches. Its weight is 5.12 Ounces.

The P16 has a retracted length of 6.38 inches. The Expanded Length of the P16 is 15.75 inches. Its weight is 6.4 Ounces.

The P21 has a retracted length of 8.215 inches. The Expanded Length of the P21 is 21.00 inches. Its weight is 7.68 Ounces.

    All ASP Protector Concealable Batons have a diameter of 0.862 inches.

    Important Note: The ASP Protector Baton is among the hardest to close. This is intentional because the baton needs to be sturdy in deployment. This product is recommended for experienced users. If you are not experienced/trained in baton use it is recommended you look at the ASP Agent Baton

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews

    Great price. Excellent service. I have a prior model with metal pocket clip. I find the new plastic clip a definite improvement.

    Great for pocket carry

    High quality and fits into all size pockets. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I carry this All day everyday in dress pants and no one notices it.

    Really good works great

    I am a pizza delivery driver that works late at night in rough neighborhoods. I bought this for protection. It's in my pocket all day long and no one notices. While I have it on me it makes me feel more safe. Easy to open and hard to close which is by design. To close hit against the ground at an angle rotate hit rotate until loose then hit straight down against the hard surface.

    Perfect pocket size. They aren't kidding when they say it's difficult to close.

    For my purposes, this little baton is almost perfect. I'm a retiree, and my only criteria was that it be small and light. I carry it when walking, to give me a "middle ground" weapon between "Halt" dog spray, and my 9mm Ruger, should I be confronted (again) by a large and aggressive dog. The small size and light weight makes it ideal for this use. BELIEVE THEM when they say this model can be difficult to close. Since it is my intention to use it sparingly, I can deal with the issue. I couldn't justify the higher price for the 'Agent' model. Customer service was unbelievable! I placed the order on Tuesday afternoon, and had the engraved baton by Friday morning. I'm still a bit surprised by this.

    Perfect pocket baton

    Exactly what I was looking for in terms of personal protection. Fast shipping and a high quality product. Very satisfied.