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ASP Protector Concealable Baton

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ASP Protector Concealable Baton:

The ASP Protector Concealable Baton is the unrivaled concealable striking apparatus, with a low-profile design for discreet carry. On the The ASP Protector Concealable Baton, strength is not compromised for concealability. The Striking surface of the baton is forged of 4140 steel, and the Middle shaft and handle are crafted of 7075 T6 aluminum. The sturdy construction of the ASP Protector Concealable Baton ensures its striking force and durability are no less than Its bulkier counterparts.

The ASP Protector Concealable Baton comes in three variations, the P12, P16, and P21.

The P12 has a retracted length of 5.06 inches. The Expanded Length of the P12 is 11.75 inches. Its weight is 5.12 Ounces.

The P16 has a retracted length of 6.38 inches. The Expanded Length of the P16 is 15.75 inches. Its weight is 6.4 Ounces.

The P21 has a retracted length of 8.215 inches. The Expanded Length of the P21 is 21.00 inches. Its weight is 7.68 Ounces.

All ASP Protector Concealable Batons have a diameter of 0.862 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Early Impressions

Service and delivery from the Baton Warehouse was prompt and hassle-free, and they had the best price I could find.
The ASP Protector baton is obviously well-made, however I seem to have problems getting it extended/retracted. Either it won't retract without several very hard raps on a concrete floor, or the outermost section will collapse but the middle section will not. Then I started having trouble extending it, maybe I an doing it wrong. Initially, I would just give a hard forward flick of my wrist. Now, it seems that I have to give a circular flick or it will not dependably extend.
Is the unit flawed, just needs to have the "new" worked out, or is it my technique?
I have since swabbed both middle and outer sections with a gun oil lubricating wipe; that seemed to help.


ASP Concealable

Baton Warehouse is awesome. Buy it from them! Engraving is awesome, product is excellent, delivery is quick, and service is tight. Wish they sold more than batons!


the 2nd piece does not retract smoothly, have to slam it in hard
a little disappointed in it.......

ASP Protector Concealable Baton

Great Service.
As advertised.
Engraving a nice touch.
Very Light.


Great product. Extremely light yet durable. Quick and reliable service from this company!