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ASP Batons - 16" Friction Loc Expandable Baton

  • $138.40

ASP Batons - 16" Friction Loc Expandable Baton:

ASP has defined expandable batons for 30 years. The classic Friction Loc baton is the most widely used police baton. ASP Friction Loc batons are constructed of 4140 steel that is significantly stronger than 4130 steel used by other manufacturers. In most cases, the sound of an ASP baton being deployed is enough of a deterrent.

ASP Friction Loc batons are available with an Airweight, Electroless or Black Chrome shaft. Each having its own set of advantages. The Airweight shaft makes deployment faster, resulting in quick response times to any threat. The Electroless finish provides a nice look and corrosion resistance. Black Chrome provides a tactical, non-reflective finish.

ASP Friction Loc Batons are impact released, easily retracted by knocking a hard surface. The ASP baton is an Elite Impact weapon, utilized globally by the most advanced Law Enforcement Agencies. With a simple, compact design produced with duty grade materials, this ASP Baton outperforms and outlasts all competitors.

• Retracted Length: 6.20"
• Weight (Steel): 13.3 ounces
• Weight (Airweight): 7.3 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft (Airweight model only) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Pete Melendez
Great size

Is a very great size and easy to handle I’m happy with the purchase and the engraving on perfect and clear nicely done thank you

Easy to use:

The airweight line is just the best IMO. I also purchased a auto for my girlfriend and I use the friction lock. It’s easy to conceal and just added confidence on my walks

Ryan Bellamy
Pretty good I guess

The baton itself seems pretty top notch. Haven’t had occasion to use it yet though. You would think for a hundred and a half you would at least get some kind of carrier/ sheath/scabbard. Or even a response to emails with questions. But the ASP seems like it’s top notch. Thanks

Jose Aponte

Excellent product and extremely excellent customer service

Edward Arnold

Great product delivered in a very timely manner. Great communication of verified order and delivery information.