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Smith & Wesson Quick Release Baton & Holder

  • $140.59

Smith & Wesson Quick Release Baton & Holder:

The quick release baton is the latest addition to Smith & Wesson's impressive line of police batons. These batons open the same way any extendable baton does, by swinging the baton with force or pulling the tip out by hand. What makes these batons unique and exceptional is how they close. To close all you have to do is press the button located on the tail cap and close the extended shafts in by hand. There is no need to slam these on the ground to close. The opening and closing action is smooth and consistent. These batons come with a 360 degree swiveling nylon holder designed to fit on a duty belt.

Smith & Wesson batons are some of the best tools available for police work & self defense.  

  • 4140 Steel Construction
  • Rubber Grip for Retention
  • Push Button Collapsing 
  • Nylon Holder Included 

This baton is not compatible with any add on accessories or glass breakers.

Customer Reviews

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Good stuff !

I purchased a Smith & Wesson quick release baton from this company. The product was as described and delivered in a timely manner, l would not be afraid to use this company again! thank you.

Michael Mcconnell
Perfect Puppy Protector

About two weeks ago I took my two pit bulls out for their morning walk. Before I even get off my driveway and on to the sidewalk, I see another pit bull, off leash, charging at us. Its assumptive owner is just standing there looking at his phone instead of minding his dog. Of course, it starts to go at my big boy. They sniff for about two seconds and the other dog started biting. My dogs head is 1/3 wider then his assailants and he outweighs the attacking dog by a good 20 pounds. My boy, Seamus, is trained and will release his grip the moment I say stop. The loose dogs owner was frozen with fear and acting like a stereotypical 1950’s house wife when they see a mouse. I had to punch the other dog to get him off my Seamus all while holding my boy back so he didn’t turn this jerk of a dog into a pile of goo. My boy is strong enough and athletic enough to protect himself, but being a pit bull, if there is a fight he is the reason. If I had not been pulling Seamus back with all my strength, his assailant would be over the rainbow bridge and my brave boy could be on death row. I made a decision that if I won’t allow my boy to protect himself, I damn sure better be up to the task of defending him. I received my S&W baton 3 days after the fight and I couldn’t be happier with it. For whatever reason, I live in a neighborhood where the other residents seem to think that leashes are optional. This baton gives me the distance I need to stay safe while breaking up another potential fight without having to deploy an electric shock, pepper spray, or a lethal option.The last thing I want to happen is for my sweet boy to get rabies or an infected wound. Having the puppy protector with me on every walk, certainly helps my confidence as far as knowing I will be able to keep him safe.

Lawrence Alexander
Best in the business!

When you want the strongest, most durable, effective, at 24” this can keep safe distance from assailant and with quick button release button, no more tip smacks closes effortlessly, seriously! No complaints, hands down, this Baton is the BEST!

Very High Quality

This is a high quality baton. Very heavy duty. The push button collapsible release works great.

Michael Cargle
Well pleased

I was happy with the quality and construction of the Smith and Wesson 24 inch baton. Contracting the baton with the release button is very convenient and works well. Would buy again.