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Smith & Wesson 21" Baton & Holder

  • $42.82

Smith & Wesson 21" Baton & Holder:

Smith & Wesson batons are well balanced, strong and versatile. This Smith & Wesson 21" expandable baton with rubber grip & nylon holder offers strength and protection at an affordable cost. Manufactured in Smith & Wesson owned Taylor Brands factory out of 4130 high strength steel tubing, these batons can handle the pressures of daily use. The Smith & Wesson collapsible 21" baton weighs 16oz and is just 8.5 inches long in the closed position. Paired with a Smith & Wesson nylon sheath, this Baton is ready for your duty belt straight from the package. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Baton Weight- 16oz
Baton Open- 21 in
Baton Closed- 8.5 in 


Customer Reviews

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Wes Sykes
Easy to deploy and sturdy

Love it

Excellent value

Much higher quality than I expected for the price. I gave a few "full power" swings against lumber and the baton didn't bend like the cheaper versions sold at gun shows. Deploys smoothly with a slight flick, but has enough tension that it stays collapsed until needed. The rubberized grip is extremely aggressive even when wet. Solid product all the way around, buy with confidence.

Adam Hill
Great buy!

Very good product however it is sometimes difficult to retract. Still great!

Jay Stern

Superb self-defense tool. I've used it. Once. It imparts pain upon attackers; makes them flee. That is its purpose, and it works. Naturally, it is banned in the socailist state of CA. (And they DON'T want us to vote in a Conservtive senator. Of course not.) TIP: Find someone in another state who can receive it and have them ship it to you. BTW, you can get a glass-breaker end. It works as intended. It also allowed me to mount a lanyard holder so the baton can't get "lost" if someone manages to knock it out of my grip.


Arrived promptly packaged in a rather tough to open blister pak…careful opening so one doesn’t get cut…..well constructed…opens easily with a flick…..others complain about closing….doesn’t seem that way ..the front part doesn’t collapse easily ….but….there is a nak to it and it pops closed..pull front part out and snap it back and it pops right in…..