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Smith & Wesson 16" Baton & Holder

  • $39.99

Smith & Wesson 16" Baton & Holder:

Smith & Wesson batons are well balanced, strong and versatile. This Smith & Wesson 16" expandable baton with rubber grip & nylon holder offers strength and protection at an affordable cost. Manufactured in Smith & Wesson owned Taylor Brands factory out of 4130 high strength steel tubing. These Smith & Wesson batons can handle the pressures of daily use. The Smith & Wesson collapsible 16" baton weighs 13.2oz and is just 6.8 inches long in the closed position. Smith & Wesson batons are a favorite among law enforcement professionals. The economical price and superb craftsmanship of these Smith & Wesson batons is unmatched. Paired with a Smith & Wesson nylon sheath, this baton is ready for your duty belt straight from the package. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Baton Weight- 13.2 oz
Baton Open- 16.0 in
Baton Closed- 6.875 in 


Customer Reviews

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Nice and small to carry on my side

I love the 16” it’s so nice to carry it easily on my side with not drawing attention, it is easily to open and close. I loved it so much I ordered a 24” for my husband and a 21” for my car. Nifty little defense device. Hope I never have to use it though.

Nice Size for Close Quarters

I work in close quarters and need to be able to rely on smaller equipment.
This baton fits the bill perfectly.

Good size & weight.

Received it the second day after I ordered. Good length, feels solid, good grip. Difficult to close, takes a really good smack. A bit bulkier than I anticipated for concealed carrying. I am going to put the glass breaker on it and keep it the console and get a more compact unit for regular carrying.

SW 16” baton

Good build quality. Has adequate heft and feels really solid. Opens with ease. Grip is excellent. Closing is cumbersome. One has to “bang” the tip of the baton against the floor or some hard surface to get it to close.

Swapping the original head with a glass breaking head was simple. Just twist off the original head replace with the new one.

Good value for money.

Delivered as promised and ahead of schedule

My new Baton arrived before the scheduled date and I got it integrated to my duty gear early, a win-win in my opinion!