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Glass Breaker End Cap for Smith & Wesson Batons

  • $5.99

Glass Breaker End Cap for Smith & Wesson Batons:

This glass breaker replaces the standard end cap of your Smith & Wesson of Chicago brand batons. Simply twist off the stock end cap and screw this glass breaker into place. Fits Smith & Wesson and Chicago 16, 21, 24 & 26" batons.

Not compatible with the Smith & Wesson 12" baton. 
Not compatible with ASP, Monadnock, or Casco Batons

Fits Smith & Wesson and Chicago Batons only. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Elizabeth Slate
A Fine Product

Only complaint being its fairly sticky - the release is cumbersome at best.

Miguel Hipolito
Good utility.

Aside from breaking glass (which it is pretty good at), it also could probably even be used in self-defense, using the butt of the baton as an alternate means of striking.

Brian Oberle
Nifty tool

I ordered this with my baton and put it on immediately. Screws right on no fuss no muss. No, I haven't broken glass with it yet. I have no doubt it'll work just fine.

Mort Peck
Should work

I didn't go right out and smash a window to see if it would work. Common sense tells me it will work. It is pointed and heavy. Also, if you didn't have time to deploy the baton. You could defend yourself with the glass breaker.

Ed Pinoon
What I Expected

Very happy with the order. It’s what I was looking for and very quick delivery. Thank you!