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Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Baton With Trumbull Stop Handle

Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Baton With Trumbull Stop Handle

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Monadnock PR-24® Rigid Side-Handle Black Baton With Trumbull Stop Handle:

The Monadnock PR-24 side-handle baton offers maximum protection. PR-24 batons are the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. While some believe these are obsolete, the PR-24 is still relevant in policing today. This fixed length rigid polycarbonate baton is designed for close-quarter confrontations. The grenade-style grip with Trumbull Stop helps keep the baton in your hand and increases baton retention and subject-control holds. Made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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The original PR24

Their PR24 is a great well made in the USA. Baton very effective. Very well made. This is the original PR24 I've been having several of these for over 30 years and they're just incredible. The first PR24 that I got was back in the late 80s. They come with a lifetime warranty and they're just fantastic if anybody is ever practice with martial arts Tonfa he was understand what I'm talking about but the PR24 is definitely a good defense weapon or blocking weapon in case of emergency I have been training and teaching with the PR24 for over 40 years this will make a good piece of hardware for your gear. Highly recommend it You definitely want to add this to your gear

Great PR-24 baton

The baton is excellent. Price, shipping, and customer service was outstanding! It would have gotten 5 stars if the picture of the item matched the item and item description. The picture on the website appears to be of the, more expensive, aluminum version of the Monadnock PR-24 (ALPR-24). A little confusing. The one you will get matches the written description, not the picture. As long as you know that, you will be very satisfied.

Karl H.
The real deal

This thing commands respect. Probably the sight of it is enough

Albert Kohut

Quick delivery.... great price.

Thomas Junay
Retired Police officer

Excellent tool for law enforcement I was an instructor for several years now that I’m retired I still like to stay proficient in use .
Now it rides with me in my private vehicle. Just in case nowadays it’s a not getting any safer out there.