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Monadnock Detective® Classic Friction Lock Black Chrome Baton

  • $96.45

Monadnock Detective® Classic Friction Lock Black Chrome Baton:

This Monadnock baton is manufactured from aircraft grade 4130 strength alloy steel tubing. This type of steel is used on aircraft because of its strength & durability. The sturdy construction of this baton enhances striking potential. This friction lock baton is precisely manufactured to ensure sturdy lockout that makes the baton feel solid in the users hand. This means these batons will not wobble, jiggle or have any play when it is in use. Two handle grips are available for this baton. A tear resistant foam grip that allows for quick access when using the front draw holder and Monadnock's Super grip handle that provides superior gripping power in adverse conditions. Monadnock offers a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects on this USA made baton. 

  • Comfortable to carry and easily opened with a flick of the wrist
  • Morse tapers, the tight locking joints, make the baton feel solid in your hand
  • The distinct sound of the baton expanding sends a signal to the suspect that you are armed and ready
  • Available lengths: 16" (40.64cm); 21" (53.34cm); 26" (66.04cm)
  • Available grips: Firm Foam or Super Grip® featuring a fluted surface texture for excellent baton retention
  • Black Chrome finish
  • Standard Steel Tip  is ideal for opening baton in a high-profile manner and gaining the psychological advantage over subject
  • It provides more weight-forward kinetic energy, allowing the baton to open faster in a combat situation
  • Fewer strikes also mean added safety for the officer
  • The end-cap utilizes a bore guide that centers the end shaft over the retention spring, reducing the retention spring breakage that often occurs in non-Monadnock® end-cap designs
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael Grindstaff

Great quality! Hope I never have to use it. Feels like it could some serious damage!

Alfredo Alvillar
Great baton

The product was as described and delivery was fast

Great baton

Solid in the hands and has a good feel to it. This will stop someone in their tracks upon an attack. I would recommend this for those who feel the need for a weapon that can be deployed quickly and have control over it. Monadnock makes a great product.

Ed Zadvydas

This is my second and it same. I can’t go without it anytime. I use for my protection anytime. I retire from code enforcement. Know how to use it. I keep in my pocket anywhere. This is very nice.

Thomas Eldridge
Canine protection

We walk our leashed dogs in a public park. Most of the other people who walk their dogs in this park also leash their dogs. But this is also an area where people who don't want their dogs or cats will abandons them. I bought this to carry instead of the 28" hardwood broom handle I usually carry -- the baton is more discrete. It's a bit on the heavy side & I'll eventually get a holster or some sort of carry device for it. I haven't had to use the baton yet but I'm confident that I'll be able to ward off any attacking dogs. I bought 2 of these & gave one to a couple who we are friends with. They also walk their leashed dogs but were in a neighborhood where loose dogs attacked their dog - lucky he survived. Better to have and not need rather than to need and not have!