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Boston Leather Model 5418  4ply Denver Sap with Loop

Boston Leather Model 5418 4ply Denver Sap with Loop

  • $43.28

Boston Leather Model 5418 4ply Denver Sap with Loop:

The Boston Leather Model 5418 is a reliable impact weapon coming in at 9" long and weighing 10 1/2 ounces. Even with its apparently handheld size, this sap brings a large self-defense potential as, with a flick of the wrist, this sap can deliver punishing blows due to the spring steel in the handle. This sap features a looped handle to help you keep a grip on your sap no matter the conditions.  This particular model comes with four layers of leather for a heavier, more durable experience. All Boston Leather saps are constructed of durable, heavy gauge leather that encases a molded lead weight. All Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Ricardo Garcia

I like this one with the wrist loop very much. Ordered another and know my money is well spent on the 4 ply. I have ordered each size because I am that satisfied with their product line.

Peter Pompeo
Couldn't be happier!

It came as advertised, quality and craftsmanship is beautiful. Shipping was fast.

Detlef G
Heavy duty

It’ll do the job. The wrist loop seems a little long but that’s alright. Good quality and the price is right.

Quality parts

Well made leather goods,exactly as advertised and shipped in a timely fashion.
Made in the good old USA,I didn't think we made anything useful anymore,what a surprise.

J. Roberts
Great close quarter combat option...

We were looking for a good close quarter combat weapon for our daughter to have in her car. One that could be considered "arguably legal"...
This is a great option! It is well made & we would buy again... Highly recommended!