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Boston Leather Model 5416 4ply Junior Sap

Boston Leather Model 5416 4ply Junior Sap

  • $36.45

Boston Leather Model 5416 4ply Junior Sap:

The Boston Leather Four-Ply Junior Sap is a variety of impact weapon coming in at 8 1/4" long and weighing 10.3 ounces, making it larger and heavier than the same ply Midget Sap. With a snap of the wrist these saps can apply significant force due to the spring steel strip in the handle. This Boston leather sap is constructed of 4 layers of durable, heavy gauge leather that encase a molded lead weight. Boston Leather saps are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Good budget sap!

The Saps by Boston Leather are the only factory made lead/leather impact tools available in the US.
(I will always encourage people to pay the extra $4 and get the 4ply construction, much sturdier, and more ergonomic.)
There are boutique/custom makers out there that are nicer, but they’re more than three times the cost of these. For constant carry, MAYBE occasional use, they’re more than sufficient. The stitching can look a bit wonky, but it is functional, and if you understand target zones and human anatomy, these are efficient. I want to get the other 3 sizes!

Joseph G
Excellent product, excellent value

I purchased this sap after doing a lot of research and wanting one for a long time. The craftsmanship is amazing and the sap feels great in the hand. I went with the 4 ply for a more solid tool, in case the need to jab would arise. I hope I never use it, but if I do, it feels as though it will stand up.


All one would ever want in a “jr” sap. My gf decided she needed it more than me. Second order otw.

Perfectly fits the 🪛 pocket of carpenter pants

Based on my experience, body shots would be ineffective on a determined attacker. A two finger hold with a solid head blow should immediately stop an attack. Not politically correct, but I'm getting to old to fight without risking serious injury even if I prevail.

Erik in AZ
Perfect size for front or rear Jean pocket carry

Just enough of the handle peaks out from a rear jeans pocket to quickly grab and deploy this sap. It isn't even visible when in the front pocket, yet it is easily accessed from the front pocket as well. 4 ply leather is the way to go, and this is the size for concealed carry for maximum balance of weight/grip length and total size to conceal. Get one, and get your college kids and wife one, too!