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Smith & Wesson 21" Baton & Holder

  • $42.82

Smith & Wesson 21" Baton & Holder:

Smith & Wesson batons are well balanced, strong and versatile. This Smith & Wesson 21" expandable baton with rubber grip & nylon holder offers strength and protection at an affordable cost. Manufactured in Smith & Wesson owned Taylor Brands factory out of 4130 high strength steel tubing, these batons can handle the pressures of daily use. The Smith & Wesson collapsible 21" baton weighs 16oz and is just 8.5 inches long in the closed position. Paired with a Smith & Wesson nylon sheath, this Baton is ready for your duty belt straight from the package. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Baton Weight- 16oz
Baton Open- 21 in
Baton Closed- 8.5 in 


Customer Reviews

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Chris Glankler

This baton is very solid deploying the baton is easy with one hand. Maneuverability is excellent and it feels balanced. Will deliver a mighty blow.

Best baton for the money!

This was the 4th baton purchased from this company. This baton is the second one of these I purchased and I like it a lot. This company ship as promised, excellent customer service!

I'm going to save you a lot of research.

If you're a normal regular civilian, maybe a dog walker, or regularly walk at night. This is the one you need. This size too. Just order it.

You don't need the more expensive ones unless you're a cop, private security, or have very weak wrists. Because the only difference between them, besides better steel, which is sort of unnecessary, is that you can more easily close the baton. This baton must be slammed into the ground to close it (hints the part about weak wrists) instead of just doing it casually with your hands. It's lame having to close it like this and makes you look like a dork. But it's not worth the extra money to most people unless a baton is relevant to your occupation and you need to look professional after a beat down.

The smaller sizes are for in car use only tbh. Unless for some reason it's a gift for a child or dwarf, I suppose. Anyone over 4'8 is not going to like the short ones.

Roger Emmons

Well made.

Bob Small
As expected

Just what I expected. Easy to store and available in my truck.