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ASP Batons - 26" Friction Loc Expandable Baton

  • $141.60

ASP Batons - 26" Friction Loc Expandable Baton:

ASP has defined expandable batons for 30 years. The classic Friction Loc ASP baton is the most widely used police baton. ASP Friction Loc batons are constructed of 4140 steel that is significantly stronger than 4130 steel used by other manufacturers. In most cases, the sound of an ASP baton being deployed is enough of a deterrent.

ASP batons have many options for handles, shafts & accessories.

The DuraTec grip is an injected molded mostly firm textured grip. DuraTec grips are permanently bonded to the baton. Foamed vinyl grips are softer, extremely reliable and also replaceable.

ASP Friction Loc batons are available with an Airweight, Chrome or Black Chrome shaft. Each having its own set of advantages. The Airweight shaft makes deployment faster, resulting in quick response times to any threat. The chrome finish provides a nice look and corrosion resistance. Black Chrome provides a tactical, non-reflective finish.

ASP Friction Loc Batons are impact released, easily retracted by knocking a hard surface. The Friction Loc baton is an Elite Impact weapon, utilized globally by the most advanced Law Enforcement Agencies. With a simple, compact design produced with duty grade materials, this ASP Baton outperforms and outlasts all competitors.

• Retracted Length: 9.50"
• Weight (Steel): 20 ounces
• Weight (Airweight): 11.2 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft (Airweight model only)

ASP Friction Loc Baton Infographic

Customer Reviews

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Baton Warehouse had this item in stock, at the best price. Great on communication. Quick shipping. Product was without defect. No problems, No BS

Exactly what I asked for

Super fast. Exactly what I ordered. Engaving is exactly where I was hoping it would be. I have used an ASP for years. So no doubt in their quality. I have already recommended to others.

Lamberto Gatchalian
Quick and fast to collapse.

It's really collapses the way you'd like for. I'm very thankful with the purchase process.

Terry Leigh
Excellent barton

I was issued one of these in 1985. Retired now, but wanted one for my collection. It is the exact copy of the one that I was issued.

John Conley
26" ASP Baton

I have several shorter batons, and ASP Batons are excellent. I decided to get a baton with longer reach and so the 26" length version. It's the same high quality I've come to expect from ASP, and overall I'm happy with it. My quibble is that the collapsed length is still quite long. Perhaps there's a manufacturing/performance explanation as to why it couldn't be built in four sections, but I'd love it more of the baton collapsed shorter but still extended to 26" length.