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Leverage Caps for Friction Lock ASP Batons

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Leverage Caps for Friction Lock ASP Batons:


ASP attachments are compatible with over three million Tactical Batons in service throughout the world. Unique accessories that fill a specific need. Each is designed, tested and manufactured to be an integral part of the total ASP Tactical System. A cap to enhance retention or impact potential. An accessory to add OC or light. A tool to gain entry. An insignia to add distinction. Each ASP attachment is built with the same old world craftsmanship and attention to detail as your Tactical Baton.

Leverage Caps lock the baton in the officer's hand improving retention and control. This unique design increases both speed to target and impact potential. Available in Textured Black, Electroless, Gold Band, Silver band and with Prestige insignia.

Leverage Cap Advantage:

The patent pending profile of the Leverage Cap provides a dramatic increase in striking potential while retaining a Tactical Baton during the most dynamic confrontations. The cap increases the reach of the ASP Baton while improving control. The reduced grip diameter of the Leverage Cap replaces the standard cap of all ASP Expandable Batons.


6061 T6 aluminum Black industrial anodized Black powder paint coated Optional Electroless nickel finish Optional Gold Band Optional Silver Band Optional Prestigelogos O-ring retention groove Fits all ASP Tactical Batons Reduced diameter finger grip Flared retention head.


The Leverage Cap extends the reach, increases the retention, improves the control and increases the striking power of an ASP Baton a full factor. The little finger fulcrum principle of the Oriental sword allows an F16 Baton to strike like an F21 or an F21 Baton to strike like an F26.

Only compatible with ASP brand Friction Loc batons

Customer Reviews

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Brian Morrison
Get Maximum Force

The Leverage Cap extends the usefulness of an ASP friction baton. First, it gives you a secure, locked grip on your baton. Second, it extends the reach of your baton by allowing you to grip at the very bottom of the baton. Third, as the name implies, it increases your leverage on the baton whether you are trying to retain control of the baton or delivering a disabling strike. Buy one like I did from Baton Warehouse for excellent pricing and fast delivery. I'm a very satisfied customer. Oh, and for even more leverage, add a BreakAway Subcap glass breaker to really make your baton a duty tool you'll never want to be without.

rex sokolnicki
More leverage equals more speed.

As I coach baseball players, the faster the bat comes around to the point of contact, with all things being equal, the further the ball will travel. Simple physics. It's not the weight of the bat (or baton), it's the speed at the point of contact that the damage the bat does to the ball ..... or bad guy. Another inch & a half which the leverage cap provides, enables the end to travel at more speed.

Excellent accessory product.

The leverage end cap is a solid well constructed accessory item to replace the standard end cap. One of the benefits is it provides additional assurance that the baton cannot be grabbed and pulled from your grip easily. It also provides additional control of the baton with your hand position at the end of the baton giving you full length capabilities. It can also be used as an impact advantage in a close quarters situation were the full length of the baton can't be used. All of this for a minimal charge for a product that gives one many advantages. Highly recommended!

Joe P.
Better grip

Enhances your grip while swinging. Prevents hand slippage. It makes the baton a little longer when carry in the scabbard though.

James Huffaker
Give away,

Product is excellent, works as advertised, gave mine away to some LEO friends that were admiring them. Good hand stop, and augments the "pinky technique"