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Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Pink Baton With Sheath

  • $24.99

Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Pink Baton With Sheath:

Smith & Wesson carbon steel 12" compact pink baton. This compact baton is ideal for self defense and is sold with a matching nylon sheath. Designed to be accessible and effective this Smith & Wesson baton features a metal clip for carrying in addition to the included sheath. Weight is 8.9 oz.

Not compatible with any add on glass breakers or other accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Mauricio Caridad

Its perfect my girl loves it

I Like It Better Than The All Black (And I’m A Burly Man)

I have both the all black and the “so called pink” Smith and Wesson small batons. I much prefer the look of the pink (which is closer to light purple) because of the chrome finish (plus, it’s currently $6 cheaper). If, for some reason you don’t like the color, you use the elastic carry sheath “doo-hicky” to cover the pinkish purple handle.

Paul Fisher
Nicely made

A fine quality little baton.

Smith & Wesson Small Collapsible Pink Baton Review

The video makes it look a lot longer than it is. Also, the video makes it look like it is spring loaded and activated by a press of the button. However, to get the baton to extend, you have to force it with a whip action; like an ASP. So the video was misleading.

Liz P.
Just Love it!

It’s small and compact but it’s powerful enough to provide that protection and security if needed and the engraving was an extra BONUS! Got one for my daughter in college and one for myself! I shopped at academy and other places for one but all were to bulky for purses, this one fits perfect and is great to keep on side door of car/truck. Very satisfied with product.