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Smith & Wesson 24" Aluminum Baton & Holder

  • $37.58

Smith & Wesson 24" Aluminum Baton & Holder:

The Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. lightweight baton is as effective as it is light. Lightweight construction makes deployment faster without sacrificing strength. High strength steel and aluminum construction ensures this baton is sturdy in the most demanding situations. The rounded steel baton tip is designed to apply pressure, but not break the skin of any attacker. Batons are an effective defense tool. The 24” Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. baton is just 8” in the collapsed position and weighs only 9oz. This Smith & Wesson baton utilizes the friction lock mechanism, to close the baton simply hit the tip on a hard surface in a straight downward motion.  This baton has a foam grip and includes a nylon Smith & Wesson baton holder. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Engraved Smith & Wesson Aluminum Baton
Engraved Smith & Wesson Baton

Customer Reviews

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Donald Beilinson
All good

Very happy,smooth action,light weight,good to go

Matthew Hunt
Best baton for the money!

Highly recommended! I carry this one in my vehicle to defend against the angry mobs that pull innocent people out of their cars. Really great tool for defense against multiple attackers. Very high quality construction. I recommend the glass breaker cap add on

Todd R
Excellent product at a good price.

I priced out batons from a variety of sources, and baton warehouse had the best selection and great prices. Thanks guys!

Gabriel Garza
Light weight

light weight extracts very well Bought 2 one for myself and my wife for a Little protection when she goes running.

Jeff LeFree
Works great!!

Easily telescopes, will lock REAL tightly if extended fully, just like it was designed.