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Smith & Wesson 16" Aluminum Baton & Holder

  • $35.86

Smith & Wesson 16" Aluminum Baton & Holder:

The Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. lightweight baton is as effective as it is light. Lightweight construction makes deployment faster without sacrificing strength. High strength steel and aluminum construction ensures this baton is sturdy in the most demanding situations. The rounded steel baton tip is designed to apply pressure, but not break the skin of any attacker. Smith & Wesson batons are an effective defense tool. The 16” Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. baton is just 6.5” in the collapsed position and weighs only 7oz. This baton utilizes the friction lock mechanism, to close the baton simply hit the tip on a hard surface in a straight downward motion. This baton has a foam grip. This baton includes a nylon Smith & Wesson baton holder. The included baton holder is designed to fit 2.25" police duty belts.

Engraved Smith & Wesson Aluminum BatonEngraved Smith & Wesson Baton


Customer Reviews

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Jack DiBenedetto
Hard to retract

The product seems fine . However it takes considerable pounding against a hard surface to get the Baton to retract back into its original condensed form. Other than that it seems fine.

William Breining
Aluminum Baton

Very satisfied, I wanted a small and light defense tool. This fits my needs , small light enough to be carried in a pocket, deploys quickly. Hopefully the need will never arise.

Too large for my needs

I was looking for a baton that I could keep in my jacket or pants pocket. The 16" is too big so I exchanged it for the 12". It's perfect for my needs.

Bradley Luster
16" S&W Baton

I love the foam grip apposed to the rubber grip most have now. A very strong lightweight Baton for the money and easy to conceal low profile.

Love the baton

Bought this for self protection and am very happy with it. It’s compact and light, so perfect for my purpose. Although light it is is strong and tough and will definitely put the hurt on an assailant should I need to use it. Highly recommended.